Logistics Packaging & Assembly

Aug 02 2021

Logistics Packaging & Assembly

Business owners mainly thrive in the production section of the business. Production allows them to express their ideas and create products that fill gaps in the market. But, while the creative side of the value chain is all about the entrepreneur, the logistics (packaging, assembly, and distribution) is all about the consumers.

With the value chain being so extended and involving, not all businesses, especially startups, have the proper packaging and distribution resources. Others require help handling the logistics because their owners are not adept with the necessary operations. Still, for others, it's about putting their focus on the areas they are good at, production, then outsourcing the logistics to logistic companies.

Some of the commonly outsourced functions are packaging and assembly. Packaging products increases the users' access and convenience of using the products. Packaging must also make it easy to transport the products from one location to the next.

Assembling is the process of bringing together different individual parts to make one finished product. Logistics assembly is done after the customer has paid for the goods, and is meant to customize the products to the customer's specifications.


A business that conducts its packaging needs to have access to a vast array of packaging supplies. Examples of packaging supplies a typical company may need are corrugated boxes, packaging tape, stretch wrap, vermiculite, shipping labels, dunnage airbags, and refrigerant gel packs.

Sourcing for all these supplies can be a tedious distracting job, and handling some supplies such as the refrigerant gel packs can be dangerous if the handlers do not know enough about them. Buying the packaging supplies could also get quite expensive because the company may not source some of the items in bulk.

The alternative is to outsource the packaging to a company that offers package and repackage services. You only need to search "packaging or repackaging services near me" on your search engine, and the results will lead you to a packaging business close to your business.

For example, if your company is situated in Nevada, Missouri, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio, California, Georgia, Tennessee, Texas, or South Carolina, and you type in "repackaging services near me," you will likely see TAGG Logistics on your search results. TAGG Logistics is a nationwide distribution, packaging, and sales fulfillment company that allows manufacturers to engage the customers whenever and from wherever they are.

All that your business has to do is supply the ordered items to the TAGG Logistics facility. The company conducts the packaging and shipment, and your client picks the package from TAGG Logistics. The delivery is speedy, and your business could see its online sales shoot up because customers are happy to receive their products in good condition and on time.

Businesses in Lonsdale, Minessota could seek packaging services from Lonsdale Packaging Incorporated. The company offers premier packaging, storage, and assembly services since 1998. With computerized assembly lines and a knowledgeable workforce, the company provides logistic solutions to companies serving customers in all the American states.

Source Logistics

Business owners could also seek source logistics services by partnering with a source logistics provider that could manage its entire supply chain or a specific portion of it. Companies seek source logistics services to avoid suffering any gaps that inevitably come with handling many service providers.

RK Logistics Group is one of the popular source logistics companies in America. The company is headquartered in Fremont, California. RK Logistics Group offers full-spectrum support functions covering your entire business supply chain.

With over 35 years of experience, RK Logistics Group has proven knowledge of offering manufacturing support, order fulfillment, warehousing, and transportation. The company also offers special services to ensure that your products meet the customers' unique needs.

Another popular single source Logistics Company is Action-Pak, Inc., located in Camden, New Jersey. It offers contract manufacturing, co-packing, product design, product assembly and material supply, and other supply chain solutions to businesses across the country. Its clients are the producers of food or non-food items.

The third option for your supply chain management services is the Hazelwood Logistics Center, located at 372 Hazelwood Logistics Center Dr. Hazelwood, Saint Louis. The Center offers industrial tenancy to companies seeking a location where they can manage their supply chain logistics near their customer base. The Center is an alternative to involving a third party in your supply chain.

Assemblies Unlimited

Assemblies Unlimited, based in Bloomingdale, Illinois, offers premier packaging services. With its nationwide footprint, Assemblies Unlimited has earned its spot at the top among the best third-party assemblers.

The company is an industry leader providing complete turnkey packaging (primary and secondary) and contract filling services to food and non-food companies. It designs the packaging, selects the material, sources for raw materials, and conducts specializations based on consumer requests. Assemblies Unlimited then delivers the packages to consumers on behalf of the manufacturers.

The Assemblies Unlimited Edison, NJ specifically conducts contract packaging for OTC and RX products, including dietary supplements, nutritional, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare products.

From the Assemblies Unlimited reviews, it is clear that the company has partnered with companies for a long time. Many customers describe it as having "exceeded their expectations." The estimated Assemblies Unlimited revenue is $5.1 million per year, a sign that the company is young, but does well in attending to its customers.

TAGG Logistics

TAGG Logistics stands out among of the logistics companies reviewed because it offers all the three supply chain services: packaging, assembly, and source logistics. It provides a complete solution for all business-to-business order fulfillment requirements.

TAGG Logistics serves customers from across the United States through e-commerce fulfillment and retail distribution. If your company wants some inventory management, reach a TAGG Logistics location near you. Here is the list of TAGG Logistics locations:

  • TAGG Logistics PA (Macungie & Hanover Township)
  • TAGG Logistics Reno, NV
  • TAGG Logistics Memphis, TN
  • TAGG Logistics, Riverside, MO
  • TAGG Logistics IL (Romeoville, Gurnee, & Bolingbrook)
  • TAGG Logistics, LeSaint, OH
  • TAGG Logistics Fontana, CA
  • TAGG Logistics Conyers, GA
  • TAGG Logistics, TX (Dallas, Garland, & Farmers Branch)
  • TAGG Logistics, Duncan, SC

Job Opportunities at TAGG Logistics

TAGG Logistics offers individuals the chance to be a part of its growing pool of talented workers through the TAGG Logistics jobs it posts on its website. To start the application process, view the current TAGG Logistics Careers offerings by clicking on the 'Careers' tag on the menu located at the bottom of its homepage.

You will see a list of the available job opportunities, which could be anything from an inventory control clerk, supervisor, forklift operator, order picker, warehouse customer service rep., warehouse worker, or a quality assurance coordinator. There are many other job titles available. Check to see if your skills and experience match the job requirements and qualifications indicated for the job you choose.

You can also lookup available job opportunities on sites like Indeed and Glassdoor. These employment sites post the job openings and give employees, current and former, the opportunity to review their job experience at a company. Just type "TAGG Logistics Reviews" on Indeed or Glassdoor and see how working at TAGG Logistics is like.

TAGG Logistics for Businesses and Companies

If you are a producer seeking to complete your supply chain with the help of a third party, go to the TAGG Logistics website to see if the company offers them. Look through the website and you should see the list of TAGG Logistics Products on the company's Homepage.

It would also be best if you read the reviews other companies left regarding their experience working with TAGG Logistics before you take up its services. Visit the TAGG Logistics Reviews page on Indeed and Glassdoor and see if there are any comments worth noting. There are also reviews on the TAGG Logistics page, but it would serve you better if you considered the opinions expressed on an objective site.

The advantage of using TAGG Logistics services is that you can track your orders' real-time progress through the TAGG Logistics tracking system. From your location, you can see when the orders are ready, when they leave the warehouse, and when they get to the consumers.

When it comes to pricing, TAGG Logistics does not offer a universal size that fits all. TAGG logistics pricing offers the TAGG's tool that you can use to calculate your handling and shipping fees. If you need more information or clarity, contact the company's customer representatives.

Overall, TAGG Logistics is a company you can trust because it has won secured the trust of many companies across the country. The TAGG Logistics revenue is estimated to be $30.2 million per year. It is one of the leading third-party logistics and order fulfillment providers.

You can be sure that you'd be working with one of the best companies.


Packaging & Distribution Resources (PDR) LLC is based in Edison, New Jersey. It offers packaging and distribution services, which include assembly services, warehouse management, labeling, freight forwarding, transportation, and shipping.

Besides PDR Edison, PDR Inc. recently opened another location in Commerce, California. The new PDR warehouse is large and offers services similar to those provided at its Edison location.

Companies do not have to conduct all the activities on the value chain themselves. Business owners can outsource functions like logistics packaging and assembly from companies like TAGG Logistics, Assemblies Unlimited, Action-Pak, RK Logistics Group, Lonsdale Packaging Incorporated, PDR, and others. Outsourcing helps businesses to focus on what they are good at, which increases their productivity.

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