Welcome to Acción: Workforce. Redefined.

Jan 08 2020

A new decade means new opportunities. And, it means a fresh take on our Acción identity: Workforce. Redefined.

When we say Workforce. Redefined. we are aiming to provide you the workforce solutions that reduce costs, improve efficiencies, and drive consistent results for your business.

We are proud to share our new Acción Performance logo with everyone who joins our journey. The triangle shape on its own mimics a clean, letter "A". But, when many triangles work together, something even better is created — our new identity as a united whole. As part of our united whole, the triangle was used as the accent marks to aid in pronunciation and build on our Latin cultural heritage. Pronunciation is sets the Spanish language apart, and using Acción as our name, a Spanish noun which means "action," sets our company and the services we offer our clients apart as build a Workforce. Redefined.

These elements play into the mosaic essence of the Morales Group logo -- an evolution of our brand as we continue building better futures one story at a time.


As we transform our brand, our team, our era, we are: Workforce. Redefined.