Commercial Printing Project


A full service printing company supporting a formula project urgently needed a partner to seamlessly plug into their operations to drive and replenish high demand inventory during a product supply chain shortage.


This formula project offered post-labor mothers a promotional kit including powdered milk samples and product coupons. However, a complicated kitting process left much of the product in inventory, meaning the client was missing the critical time to introduce its formula to moms. The printing partner needed to ensure they had a supply chain partner that could provide them the support needed to hit their contractual obligations and get the product to new babies where it belonged.


The client’s priority was clearing its inventory of approximately 136,000 units. Acción Performance added a second shift to meet aggressive production targets and then developed a multi-step kitting process for building the promotional boxes and filling them with samples and coupons. Each coupon was specific to the individual shipping label. The team sealed and shrink wrapped every box. For quality control, Acción Performance randomly selected four kits from every pallet for inspection.


Acción Performance built its workforce and processes to meet the client’s target production volume—and then exceeded those metrics.

• The Acción team took the hassle of scheduling from the client by leveraging flexible labor capacity to add and remove shifts daily as necessary based on volume needs and cost constraints

• They utilized shrink wrap machines to improve kitting efficiency, effectively helping reduce the processing time to just 3-4 business days per order

• In addition to exceeding daily target volumes by 32%, Acción Performance also provided a more cost-effective solution compared to its existing fulfillment provider

• A 98% accuracy rate in quality control was achieved for every pallet shipped


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