3 Ways Manufacturing Team Leads Drive Success

If you’ve been around manufacturing and production for any amount of time, you know that a company is only as successful as its warehouse. From production schedules to customer satisfaction, warehouse operations are an indispensable driver for your business.

We’ve seen firsthand how manufacturing team leads drive success for businesses at Acción Performance . Today, we’re sharing three ways team leaders can revolutionize your warehouse culture and ultimately impact your company’s bottom line.

Empowering Employees

Let’s be frank: the warehouse probably isn’t the place that comes to mind when you think about employee empowerment. But it’s just as important to implement empowerment there as it is within any other department of your company. Successful team leads know that using positive and constructive methods to motivate their employees (versus fear-based strategies) will impact overall morale as well as productivity.

Acción team leads empower their team members by appropriately delegating tasks, providing feedback, and recognizing employees who go above and beyond. When warehouse employees feel valued and respected, they’re likely to in turn be more engaged with reaching company goals.

Creating Safe Work Environments

Think safety and success don’t go hand-in-hand? Think again! Team leaders should be tuned into employee feedback, especially as it relates to creating safe work environments. Incidents are bound to happen, but when they do, Acción team leads are trained to implement new safety strategies based on team member feedback. Optimizing workplace safety is crucial for keeping production on schedule and ensuring employee safety.

Taking Management to the Next Level

Managers are a dime a dozen, but true leaders are rare. Managers and leaders can both fill leadership positions and make decisions that benefit the company, but the true difference comes in how they operate. Managers do whatever it takes to benefit the bottom line, even if it means dictating over delegating and reacting negatively to every setback.

Leaders, on the other hand, choose to collaborate with their team members and identify employees’ success and achievements. They genuinely listen to employees and see them as individuals, and they know how to effectively motivate their team to reach goals and ultimately help the company’s success.

. . .

Knowing that you need good team leaders is one thing, but how do you go about finding them? That’s where Acción Performance can help. In addition to providing unique solutions to accomplish your goals, we activate floor-level team leads to drive our shared performance-level requirements and fully train our staff to help reduce the learning curve. We also save your managers time and energy by ​integrating operations managers within our labor solutions, who serve as an extension of your team.

Schedule an on-site visit today and find out how Acción can improve your business processes by implementing lean concept workforce solutions that eliminate waste and bridge the gap between full-time employees and temporary staff members.