Morales Group

ESG Approach


Morales Group ESG Approach

Morales Group is dedicated to embodying socially responsible and sustainable business practices, guided by our ESG principles. We actively engage with purpose, urgency, and stewardship to impact our local communities for better. We prioritize reducing our carbon footprint through sustainable practices and innovative technologies by decreasing energy consumption and embracing renewable energy option.

We believe in building a diverse, safe, and inclusive culture. Diversity strengthens our organization, fosters innovation, and enhances the client experience. We strive to create an environment where people feel valued and empowered through inclusive hiring practices, employee training and creative growth pathways.

Our ESG principles drive our commitment to social responsibility, sustainability, and strong governance practices. By reducing our carbon footprint, serving the community, and fostering a diverse workforce culture, we create a lasting impact. We firmly believe that incorporating ESG into every aspect of our operations contributes to a brighter future for generations to come.

Our ESG Pillars
  • Community Impact – Our speciality is the intersection between community impact, social good, and skill enhancement to drive positive change.
  • DEI – Fostering a diverse and inclusive culture that celebrates and embraces the unique perspectives and backgrounds of all individuals, promoting equity and driving sustainable success.
  • Safety – Prioritizing the well-being and safety of our teammates, ensuring a secure and sustainable environment for all.
  • Professional Development – Building better futures by creating growth pathways to foster personal advancement, drive innovation, and create a sustainable workforce for the future.
  • Sustainability – Embracing environmentally responsible practices and reducing our ecological footprint for a more sustainable future for generations to come.
  • Digital Transformation – Leveraging technology and innovation to drive sustainable growth and optimize processes for our company impact.
Our Stats

Teammates of color: 40% females / 43% males

2000 teammates across 5 cities

8 languages represented

20 hours VTO (Volunteer Time Off) (2,000 hours annually)

Community Home Builds – 23 homes / hundreds impacted

Safety Program with a team of Ambassadors

Committees – Latinx, Women, LGBTQIA+

Sustainability 2,000 professional development hours

Monthly Cyber Security Training

CyberReady certification badge

2024 Goals


  • Implement toner recycling process
  • Implement more advance hardware recycling process
  • Implement paperless drug screening
  • Energy assessments at all branches
  • Corporate recycling program


  • Employee total rewards package expansion
  • Roll out employee engagement tool
  • Implementing Predictive Index assessment
  • 3 DEI trainings per year
  • 2,000 collective professional development learning hours
  • 2,000 collective company volunteer hours


  • Obtain ISO 9001 certification
  • 90% completion of monthly company cyber security trainings
  • Utilize flexible hiring practices to embrace diversity and inclusivity, allowing for remote work and flexible hours to attract a broad range of talent
2024 Goals