5 Things to Look for in a Team Lead

As your company grows, so does your need for quality leaders at the helm. You want a leader who keeps the company’s future in mind, but can also seamlessly handle management issues and day-to-day operations.

Sound like a unicorn? It doesn’t have to be! Here are five things to look for in a team lead that will help take your organization to the next level:

1. Communication Skills

Quality verbal and written communication skills are a given when considering potential team leads, but top-notch interpersonal and listening skills are just as important. Good leaders are able to resolve conflict, provide meaningful employee evaluations, and clearly communicate company goals.

2. Visionary

Team leads catch hold of the company mission, build vision around it, and implement plans to bring that vision to life. Visionaries are open to ideas from their team, and their passion for the vision is contagious to the rest of the organization.

3. Ability to Empower

The ability to delegate tasks is imperative for team leads, but empowering team members takes delegation to the next level. Effective team leaders are able to hand off tasks and entrust their team to complete them without micromanagement. Empowered employees are then given the opportunity to stretch their wings and develop their own leadership skills in the process.

4. Crisis Management

It’s not a glamorous skill, but crisis management is another must for team leads. Crises happen, and when they do, you’ll want a calm leader in place to navigate the rough waters. Good leaders are able to implement their communication skills, demonstrate adaptability, and implement creativity when plans go awry.

5. Committed to Growth

Last but not least, team leaders are committed to lifelong growth. They’re open to learning new methods, receiving feedback, and changing their plans. Being committed to growth requires a flexible mindset and willingness to adapt to an ever-changing marketplace.