3pl Outsourcing Logistics

Aug 02 2021

3pl Outsourcing Logistics

Getting the services of a 3pl logistics provider has become the norm in today's business world. It is impossible to turn a blind eye to logistics outsourcing benefits. From the convenience, to cost savings and an overall increase in profitability, logistics outsourcing benefits are numerous. Logistics outsourcing companies are an important part of the supply chain management and logistics operations. Their services include, shipping, storing, packing, and delivering a company's physical goods.

The perfect outsourcing logistics definition is the act of strategically using outside parties to perform activities that would normally be handled by internal staff and resources. Another simple logistics outsourcing meaning would be the practice of handing over a company's basic logistics operations to a third party. Logistics outsourcing examples can be when Company A gets a 3pl provider to offer services like design, technology implementation, packaging, warehousing, transport and management of assets for the purpose of guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Indeed, companies have numerous reasons for logistics outsourcing. Some of those reasons are:

To create enough time to focus on growing the business while an expert handles the logistics side.

To gain access to cutting-edge logistics technology developed by experts.

To avoid the many risks associated with the supply chain management.

To enjoy the efficiency and cost savings that come with getting a third party logistics provider on board.

To improve overall customer satisfaction from the just-in-time logistics solutions offered by these providers.

In as much as there are many benefits a company gets from outsourcing logistics, here are some of the top outsourcing disadvantages:

The lack of flexibility in contracting that could make it difficult to make changes when the need arises.

Breach of confidentiality and security having disclosed important company information to an external party.

Service delivery may fail to meet a company's expectations or fall behind schedule.

Unpleasant surprises that could arise in case of changes in the outsourced company.

A logistics outsourcing strategy carries a set of guiding principles, attitudes and driving forces that help in the coordination of plans, goals, and policies between different partners across the supply chain. Indeed, having a clear logistics outsourcing strategy will have a powerful impact in improving the performance of the entire supply chain. To provide additional resources and information on logistics outsourcing, we have gathered the following documents for your reference:

A logistics outsourcing pdf.

A logistics outsourcing ppt.

A third party logistics pdf.

3pl Companies

3pl companies are experts in provision of transport, distribution, storage, and other supply chain management services. When providing storage services, 3pl companies will have a 3pl warehouse that will serve as a temporary storage facility for goods before they can be dispatched to the customer. They will require a 3pl warehouse management program. This will help them manage inventory, automate routine tasks in the warehouse, deliver visibility to their customers and support the many ecommerce warehouse processes. If you are looking for a 3pl warehouse, simply type "3pl warehouse near me" for favorable results within your location. Running a search on the Indeed website will also be quite helpful.

3pl fulfillment is another important service offered by 3pl companies. It is all about order management. In 3pl fulfilment the service provider will:

Receive the requests for goods from a company's existing customers or the general public.

Assist with inventory management and keep records of stock levels after orders.

Work on the packaging of the goods ordered.

Arrange for the loading and delivery of the order to the customer's destination.

3pl Central

3pl Central is a service provider for cloud-based warehouse management software (WMS) solutions. They transform paper-based and error-prone businesses into service leaders focused on customer satisfaction, efficient operations, and growth. They have a network of over 12,000 logistics professionals who use their 3pl Warehouse Manager to manage their inventory, automate routine tasks and deliver complete visibility to their customers.

Have you ever heard of 3pl and 4pl? 3pl stands for third party logistics and 4pl stands for fourth party logistics. The main difference between 3pl and 4pl is, 3pl focuses on logistics and 4pl handles the entire supply chain. 3pls manage, transportation, distribution, fulfillment services, warehousing, and inventory. 4pls take care of all the logistics needs as well as oversight and management, including managing the 3pl provider.

Fourth party logistics control all the activities within the supply chain network. When a firm decides to use a fourth party logistics, all their logistics operation will be handled by a single partner. This partner will be responsible for assessing, designing, planning, building, running, and tracking an integrated comprehensive supply chain solution on behalf of the firm. A 4pl partner will be more involved in the business operations than a 3pl would be.

Outsourcing benefits and risks

Outsourcing comes with many potential benefits. However, companies need to be aware of the potential risks. The main benefits of outsourcing are cost savings and efficiency. This resource on the benefits of outsourcing logistics pdf has more information on this. On the flip side, the potential risks of outsourcing are, information leaks, losing control of the outsourced functions and challenges with quality, consistency, and oversight.

Outsourcing of logistics management is described as the practice in which a company allows a service provider in this field to handle their entire supply chain management for the purpose of minimizing the overall costs, getting more time to focus on its core competencies, meeting customer demands effectively and attaining more flexibility in operating its supply chain. Check out this outsourcing in supply management ppt, it carries more information on how this strategy works. The types of outsourcing in supply chain management border around the following processes:

Warehouse management

Inventory management


Shipping or transportation

Packaging and distribution

Role of a third party logistics company

The role of a third party logistics company is handling the burden of logistics for you as you focus on growing your business. Third party logistics examples include service providers of services like warehousing, shipping, and receiving, packaging, fulfillment and reverse logistics. Renown companies like DHL, Kuehne + Nagel and Nippon Express are perfect third party logistics examples.

If you are still curious on what is 3pl in supply chain? Well, 3pl in an outsourced provider that handles many aspects of the company's supply chain like inventory management, shipping, fulfillment, return logistics and so much more. In ecommerce for instance, 3pls allow the merchants to accomplish a lot by providing tools and infrastructure to automate retail order fulfillment.

Third party logistics advantages and disadvantages

Third party logistics carry some advantages and disadvantages. As an advantage, logistics will help you enhance your distribution network, save you the time and costs of logistics and improve customer satisfaction thereby boost your business because of the timely deliveries. However, disadvantages of logistics cannot be overlooked.

The main disadvantages of outsourcing logistics in supply management are, the breach of privacy, lack of flexibility in contracting, poor service delivery and lack of stability brought about by management changes. Conclusively, the few disadvantages of outsourcing logistics should not hinder you from enjoying the many benefits that comes with logistics outsourcing.

Advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing pdf

We have sourced for additional information on the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing. Here is a sneak into some of the resources we have for you to extend your knowledge in this subject:

Advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing ppt: This resource will educate you on what outsourcing is. It will go a step further to show you the outsourcing strategies and the impact of outsourcing to your organization. It will tell you the types of outsourcing services that a company can look for. Additionally, it will highlight the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing.

Advantages and disadvantages of logistics management pdf: This next resource will empower you with knowledge around logistics management, its advantages, and disadvantages. The information here has been carefully researched and compiled by ResearchGate. In as much as the pdf is titled "Advantage of Third Party Logistics in Supply Chain Management", it still carries extensive information on the advantages and disadvantages that exist. Check it out.

Outsourcing advantages and disadvantages essay: This essay is packed with information on outsourcing. It defines outsourcing, provides a list of business that are involved in outsourcing and tells you everything you need to know about this strategy. The essay then proceeds to give detailed explanations of the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing.

Here is a quick exercise. Having gone through all the resources we have provided above, are you in position to answer this question?

What is logistics outsourcing? Explain its advantages and disadvantages. Your answer to this question will go a long way in showcasing your understanding on this subject. Please give it a try.

Free 3pl warehouse software

A warehouse management system (WMS) is vital to your business as it helps in customer service and tracking, automates processes, improves security and safety, etc. Here are some of the free and open source warehouse management software available:



Odoo MRP



Zoho Inventory

As we conclude, let's highlight the main objectives of logistics outsourcing. They include:

Reducing overall costs of operations.

Creating time to focus on the company's core activities.

Improving company flexibility to meet other demands.

Improving overall customer satisfaction.

Gaining access to the latest techniques and experience in logistics.

Increasing supply chain productivity.

Targeting access to unknown markets.

Re-engineering the company's supply chain.

Increasing the inventory turnover.

No matter the size of your business, setting aside a budget for outsourcing logistics will ensure you enjoy smooth business operations and more profits. Consider it!

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