Custom Packaging and Kitting

Aug 26 2021

Custom Packaging and Kitting

Kitting is a logistics inventory management technique most frequently used by business services in eCommerce, where companies strategically bundle individual, but similar, products together and ship them off as a single bundle. This process offered by TAGG logistics allows retailers, manufacturers, and online subscription services to eliminate tedious purchasing processes of distributing multiple products one by one and save time whilst fulfilling their customers' needs. TAGG logistics custom packaging and kitting is the process of collecting several products into a single "kit" or subscription boxes, that are then shipped off to the customer. This process comprises warehouse employees picking through several products and gathering them to where they are packaged and eventually shipped off. This simplifies the shipping process, lowers shipping expenses, and accomplishes more orders for businesses and logistic companies. Let's delve into how TAGG Logistics are championing this innovative

  • TAGG Logistics

TAGG Logistics is a third-party logistics (3PL) company that offers the ideal outsourcing of your eCommerce logistics processes. Shipping fulfillment Center has never been easier as they will take care of the Ordering, processing, shipping, and anything else that may arise in between. TAGG logistics uses the latest in equipment, technology, materials, and personnel, TAGG Logistics provides a full range of packaging, kitting, and assembly solutions such as

  • Labeling, packaging, and repackaging
  • Product testing
  • Build-to-order
  • POS/POP display assembly
  • Sampling
  • Quality control and assurance services
  • Small parts assembly
  • Overwrap, clamshell, blister pack, and shrink-wrapping

TAGG Logistics jobs

So you want to be a logistician? Having a TAGG logistics job, within the custom packaging and kitting industry, you will be expected to manage the complete lifecycle of the company's products. TAGG Logistics jobs expect the individual to be able to, oversee the business's procurement of goods, finding multiple stock-keeping units (SKUs), packaging (Individually or in bulk), tracking packages, and the timeous delivery of products to customers. Logistics professionals and supply chain specialists are expected to integrate and enhance all the processes that are essential to acquire and deliver the correct product, to the correct customer, at the promised time. If you feel you have what it takes then Indeed you should apply.

  • TAGG Logistics Careers

Quality employees are the key to TAGG Logistics'​ success and there are plenty of TAGG logistics careers you can choose from. Logistic kitting specialists can occupy leadership roles in various departments within TAGG logistics, which include but are not limited to, Manufacturing, Inventory, Distribution, Retail, Customer relations, Operations research, Production management, or Warehouse management.

There are various opportunities available at TAGG logistic careers, that require basic to specialized skill sets. If you have outstanding communication and persuasive negotiation skills, are brilliant in creating strong networks within the logistics industry, and love working with numbers then there could be a career for you.

TAGG logistics truly believes in creating healthy and positive work environments. So much so they will gift you with a $5 gift card to interview with us and a $100 bonus paid after your first week - $300 after 90 days.

According to Digital Commerce 360, American consumers spent more than $861 billion with online retailers in 2020, due to the pandemic. This marks the highest annual e-commerce growth in the United States in at least 2 decades. With the growth of e-commerce, the need for logistics and supply chain professionals has indeed increased. This is the industry to be in right now.

  • TAGG Logistics products

You will be hard-pressed not to find plenty of TAGG logistic products evident of custom packaging and kitting on the market, especially with the boom of subscription boxes as we have mentioned earlier. There are various options available to cover such as boxes filled with air purification to medical supply boxes accustomed to your customers' demands. With keen attention to detail and a skilled labor force, they will handle the job quickly and cost-effectively. No matter the size or complexity of the project, we have the technology, expertise, and equipment to get the job done for you

  • TAGG Logistics tracking

TAGG Logistics tracking has the procedures and systems needed for tracking goods throughout their life cycle, from procurement to, storage and delivery utilizing the latest in modernized high technology. TAGG Logistics tracking allows you to know the whereabouts of your products and goods at all periods of their movement. With know-how in shipping to big-box retailers mean they have all of the necessary skills to delivering your goods with complete proficiency following EDI compliance and routing guides.


TAGG logistic's rapid growth, flexibility, and innovation have led the company to expand from its original St. Louis facility to 23 locations nationwide since 2006 --- with same-day shipping across nearly the entire US. In 2010 they have since opened fulfillment, packaging, and distribution centers in reno warehouses.

TAGG Logistics' Reno warehouses serve as multi-channel distribution centers for customers who wish to ship products to the West Coast, California, Pacific Northwest ports, and most other western states.


The Postal Service has the daunting task of moving mail daily. Generally, they work on a mail First In, First Out, as quickly as possible. It is vital to have accurate and trustworthy information related, to the industry of multichannel marketing, especially for offline customer touchpoints. When customers receive messages regarding their parcels it is of utmost importance that the information is accurate and clear. NV distribution center USPS has a responsibility to its customers, there are certain service level agreements that must be met as it is an expectation

With every postal service, it is identifiable by its unique code such as NV us 89434 for the Nevada area.
Our Reno distribution center CDDP, Nevada warehouses provide one or two-day coverage for small-pack and pallet shipments to California and all Western states. A Certified Demand Driven Planner (CDDP) is responsible for forecasting the demand a business must prepare for. Should a business miscalculate the quantity of their inventory, they could end up with too much or not enough stock, this could be detrimental for a business's bottom line and reputation, should they not deliver. Hence they would acquire the services of a demand planning analyst, who would be responsible for ensuring the logistical demands such as ensuring stock levels are adequate and should the need arise, acquire the necessary goods, as well as for evaluating the inventory and billing processes.

Combine that with TAGG Logistics' same-day fulfillment to ensure that if an order is placed today, it will arrive either tomorrow or the next day.
TAGG logistics Nevada is located on 10855 Lear Blvd suite 105, Reno, NV 89506, United States and offers Omni-Channel Order Fulfillment process solutions.

Lesaint logistics

In securing their reach nationwide TAGG Logistics has acquired Lesaint logistics riverside mo, which is located in Missouri372 hazelwood logistics center dr, as a parent company. TAGG logistics Lesaint has commitments and contingencies in place to ensure delivery of goods from their various sites. NXR logistics in Hazelwood is a division of TAGG Logistics based in Missouri and their distribution centers are equipped with staff that pays close attention to detail and are meticulous at multi-tasking, ensuring supervision of the day-to-day logistics activities of the distribution center. This would include having to manage expenses and minimize costs, maximizing your company's turn over and ensuring goods are sent off to customers punctually.

TAGG logistics Joliet il

TAGG Logistics has developed a vast network of fulfillment centers across the country for their customer's convenience. TAGG logistics locations cover key markets such as Chicago, IL; St. Louis, MO; Dallas, TX; and Los Angeles, CA. Hence, they are able to link and connect with different manufacturers selling their products individually and brilliantly in creating strong networks within the logistics industry for the betterment of their customers. They have strategically designed their processes to fulfill eCommerce shipping needs direct-to-consumer.

TAGG Logistics has solutions that help you reach your markets faster, more efficiently, and most cost-effectively. You would be able to reach consumer markets nationwide whether they are in Ohio from the TAGG logistics Fairfield Ohio or TAGG logistics lima Ohio, TAGG logistics Joliet il, and TAGG logistics Memphis TN fulfillment centers. Whether you need a 3PL fulfillment partner that specializes in eCommerce order fulfillment, omnichannel fulfillment, or Amazon shipping.

When doing a simple internet search for Local logistical fulfillment centres TAGG logistics will surely have a warehouse close by. Search results are based primarily on relevance, distance, and prominence. An amalgamation of factors assists users to find the best match for a search in their modus operandi of putting a customer first they have cemented their relevance and promince in an ever growing industry by maximising on proximity to their customers and therefore able to give more affordable and faster service.

If you do a quick crawl on review sites, you will find that they hold an average of 4 to 5 stars for the quality of work they do. This is a testimony of the quality of work provided by TAGG logistics over the years.

Custom Kitting and Packaging Solutions

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