Kitting & Assembly

Medical Device Distributor


An accessory company turns to Acción Performance when a COVID-19 project exceeds its 3PL’s ability.


This accessory company distributes phone and audio accessories, so kitting projects related to annual technology releases are standard. But when the company needed 1 million COVID-19 kits assembled and distributed, the work was anything but normal.

A third-party logistics provider managed shipping but lacked the resources for kitting and labeling such an extensive project. The company wanted a dedicated team capable of meeting strict FDA requirements and tight turnaround deadlines to hit store shelves on time. People’s lives depended on it.


Acción Performance created a 65-member team in 5 days for the project and trained every employee on HIPAA compliance. They then designated an FDA-permitted area meeting stipulations for COVID-19 test kit handling inside the client’s facility. The team developed a standard operating procedure detailing the 22-step process for preparing each kit. Assembly included 12 different pieces per unit. The step-by-step process allowed Acción Performance to prepare 75,000 kits weekly hitting every project deadline.


Acción Performance stepped in with labor, training, and processes when the company and its 3PL exceeded their capacity to support the medical device business expansion. The company met volume targets and deadlines to get products in the hands of people on time.

• Acción Performance complied with all health and safety regulations through labor instruction and specialized facility management

• The company prepared 1 million units with less than 0.1% defect rate in critical errors in under 13 weeks

• Their partnership helped the company break into the medical device industry without concerns of labor or product shortages


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