Amazon FBA Prep Ramp-Up


In anticipation of Amazon Prime Day, a rising mocktail company needed a swift Amazon FBA Prep strategy to boost production and satisfy increased demand, while keeping their operations team stress-free.


Recess is a company that offers lightly sparkling water beverages and powders made with real ingredients and adaptogens to help you feel calm, cool and collected. As they were participating in Prime Day, Recess was forecasting a sizable, yet temporary, spike in demand. They needed an Amazon FBA Prep solution that would scale to meet the demand without adding pressure on their Operations team.


Acción strategized a temporary logistics ramp-up that would allow Recess to have their variety packs packed and prepared in a short turnaround time. We expertly provided Amazon FBA prep to accommodate the packaging and labeling required by Amazon for fulfillment. The average demand prior to this was between 10,000 – 15,000 trays a month, but they needed the option to scale up logistics without incurring overtime costs.


Acción Performance customized a short-term solution to scale up production volume to meet demand, in a quick turnaround window, all while avoiding overtime charges.

  • The Acción team took the hassle of scheduling from the client by leveraging flexible labor capacity to help scale up production efficiency.
  • Avoided unwanted delays and errors with packaging and labeling as required by Amazon.
  • The average demand prior ranged from 10,000-15,000 trays a month. We managed to complete 50,000 trays from 8 trucks packed and prepared in 9 days time.
  • By outsourcing through Acción Performance, the client was able to eliminate any hiccups in their day-to-day Operations, thus avoiding any unwanted overtime charges.

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