Consumer Electronics


A consumer electronics company needed a one-stop supply chain solution for a product line far from one size fits all.


Every new smartphone launch requires accessory updates to work with the newest model. The switch impacts millions of units annually. An acquisition of the company eliminated its in-house kitting and assembly capacity, creating a need for an external partner to prepare products for market on short notice without compromising quality for speed.


Acción Performance built an in-house workforce for labeling, assembling, and kitting the company’s latest iPhone accessories. Meeting quick turnaround requirements, the Acción team processed and returned products to the distribution center for shipment in as little as 24 hours.

The company’s commitment to product authentication and counterfeit prevention required serialization. Acción Performance optimized the company’s standard operating procedures to assign each unit a serial number without decreasing processing time.

The new product releases also called for updated store displays. Acción Performance assembled full pallet displays unique to each of the company’s retailers for a smooth transition to the latest accessories, and performs firmware updates when needed.


Acción Performance built on its existing work with this consumer electronics company to become one of their primary fulfillment providers.

• Acción Performance processed 926,000 units across 137 different work orders in 2022

• The Acción team adapted its processes to include serialization to meet the company’s strict requirements

• Allowing the client to step back from managing the workforce, Acción Performance built capabilities around the need with nearly 12,500 labor hours dedicated to the work


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