Global Medical Supply Manufacturer


A global safety manufacturer sought a quick repack solution to remedy incorrectly-packaged personal protective equipment (PPE).


This company supplies protective industrial and medical gloves across the globe. A manufacturing partner failed to package the PPE to the company’s specifications. Because the packaging no longer matched customs documents, the company feared shipments would be delayed at the border. The need
to rework the entire order pushed against strict shipping deadlines. To keep the project on time, the company needed a supply chain partner capable of reworking the current order and ensuring the mistake would never happen again.


Acción Performance leveraged its flexible and scalable workforce to expedite repacking the gloves to meet project deadlines. They then conducted an audit of the current operation. The team developed an inventory control standard operating procedure, (SOP) from the findings. The process created clear guidelines and accountability around shipping and receiving activities, verifying piece counts, and maintaining inventory. A second SOP addressed quality control, where staff inspected all shipments for damage, validated pallet counts, and reviewed finished goods against client specifications.


Acción Performance developed a fulfillment solution capable of both fixing an existing issue while permanently improving the operation.

• Acción Performance repacked 3 million boxes of personal protective

• The company reduced repack time from competitor quotes by 11 months

• After auditing the company’s current operations, Acción Performance established a well-defined inventory and quality control processes to prevent future issues


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