A logistics company needed support building complex retail displays in a compressed time frame.


This logistics company offers supply chain services to clients around the world. A key project involved assembling, filling and distributing cell phone displays to global retailers. With approximately 50 pieces per display and only two weeks to get the project from parts to store placement, the company needed additional staff hours to complete the job. But their existing employee capacity was maxed out. Wanting to avoid the shipping costs of moving thousands of display materials to an offsite facility, the company sought an insourced labor fix.


The company anticipated building 1,000 displays in 14 days would require an additional 60 employees across two shifts. Estimates came from the complex, 50-step process necessary to complete each display. Acción Performance assessed the project and, with the team’s robust industry experience, found significant opportunities to increase operational efficiencies. With flexible team scheduling and reworking operational procedures, Acción team leads reduced the time and resources required to complete the project by a drastic 50%.


Acción Performance’s optimization of insourced staff hours and team lead expertise provided opportunities for the client to save financially without compromising quality or delivery dates.

• Acción Performance’s project management skills kept the project under budget and on time while aligning with the client’s preferred processes

• The company generated 50% client cost savings through operational efficiencies and variable crew scheduling

• Nearly 50,000 steps were completed by the Acción Performance team in 14 days so that 1,000 displays were ready to go for retailers


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