Streamlined Operations for an Emerging Brand


veryplants®, a Canadian-based company in the plant and gardening industry, was looking to breakout into the United States market, but needed a trusted logistics team to handle all operations and fulfillment.

The Challenge

veryplants, a Canadian-based company in the plant and gardening industry, was looking to break out into the United States market, but needed streamlined operations. Quickly rising in popularity, they needed a trusted logistics team to take over operations, facilitating and producing their potting mix bag. They were internally handling all operations and fulfillment, taking away focus from core business objectives.

The Solution

Acción Performance made their transition seamless by facilitating and manufacturing their potting mixing bag product on-site at our warehouse.

Our team created a custom cost-per-unit model that took into consideration the ebb and flow of production. Their mix required special equipment and both safety and quality measures to ensure our fulfillment was completed to the highest standards. With Amazon being a selling source, veryplants requested Amazon FBA prep in their production, and we were able to accommodate the packaging and labeling to ensure a seamless delivery.

The Results

“The team at Acción has proven itself to be a critical piece of our go-to-market strategy…We couldn’t be more appreciative of the great team overseeing our partnership and the company-wide support we’ve received to date.”
– Jordan, Co-Founder, veryplants.

From start to finish, our Acción Performance team provided a fixed rate for our client, saving them costs while we built processes to meet the client’s target production volume – and then exceeded those metrics.

• veryplants is able to control and forecast their budget effectively.

• Products are stored, manufactured and ready-to-go per Amazon Fulfillment Center guidelines.

• Utilized our skilled laborers to increase production efficiencies, exceeding client expectation.

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