Acción Performance joins Advanced Industries Council (AIC) by Conexus Indiana

Acción Performance proudly partners with Conexus Indiana to drive innovation, develop talent, and advance Indiana’s manufacturing and logistics sectors.

About the Strategic Partnership

As a member of the Conexus Indiana Advanced Industries Council, Acción Performance collaborates with industry leaders, academia, and public-sector leaders to address the significant challenges faced by Indiana’s AML industries. Our shared goal is to foster growth and innovation within the state’s manufacturing and logistics sectors.

By joining forces with Conexus Indiana, our team instantly aligns with other amazing companies to provide insourced + outsourced services to support CPG brands and scale to meet production needs. We manage value-added service (VAS) projects in manufacturing and distribution facilities to drive efficiencies and execute requests swiftly, ensuring defect-free product delivery.

About Conexus Indiana

Conexus Indiana, based downtown Indianapolis, is dedicated to propelling Indiana’s advanced manufacturing and logistics industries forward. The organization focuses on digital innovation, talent development, and implementing strategies to enhance Indiana’s economic standing. Through the Advanced Industries Council, Conexus Indiana unites industry experts, academic institutions, and public-sector leaders to tackle industry challenges collaboratively, driving innovation and growth.

Benefits of the Partnership

The collaboration between our team and Conexus Indiana offers numerous advantages:

  • Access to Expertise and Resources – The partnership provides us access to a deeper network of industry leaders and outlets. This enhances our ability to continually deliver innovative Supply Chain solutions tailored to the needs and challenges of our market.
  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency – By leveraging Conexus’ industry insights, we can better understand and address the specific needs of our clients. This leads to improved operation efficiency and productivity.
  • Fostering Digital Innovation – By participating in collaborative projects, our team can better understand and address key areas of need for our clients, leading to improved supply chain efficiency and productivity.

Impact on Indiana’s Economy

Without question, the partnership significantly impacts Indiana’s economy by enhancing the competitiveness of the AML sectors. Through our collaborative efforts:

  • Operational Efficiency: We help businesses improve their operations, leading to increased productivity and cost savings.
  • Job Creation: By driving growth and innovation, the partnership contributes to job creation and economic prosperity within the state.
  • Business Attraction and Retention: Offering advanced supply chain solutions and skilled VAS workers makes Indiana an attractive destination for businesses in AML.

Future Growth Opportunities

Looking ahead, this strategic partnership is a significant step towards advancing Indiana’s manufacturing and logistics sectors. By leveraging our combined expertise and resources, we are poised to drive innovation, develop a skilled workforce, and enhance operational efficiencies through value-added services. This collaboration not only benefits our organizations but also contributes to the broader economic growth and competitiveness of Indiana’s AML industries. We look forward to a logistically-sound future filled with growth, innovation, and continued success.

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