Empowering Recess for Prime Day Success

In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, where challenges can arise as swiftly as opportunities, the need for a solutions-based, action-driven logistics company is crucial. The synergy between Acción Performance and Recess shines as a beacon of effective supply chain management and strategic logistics prowess. As the anticipation for Amazon Prime Day heightened, Recess, a rising sparkling water beverage provider, faced a distinctive challenge: how to meet a surge in demand without overwhelming its operations team.

About Recess

First, let’s dive into who Recess is and why you need to try one of their incredible mocktails. The idea behind Recess started with Ben Witte, along with co-founders Justin Hauser and David Hess, who set out a goal of creating a beverage that helped let people be calm and balanced, in an ever-stressful world. Crafted with expert mixologists, Recess has developed several different lines of their sparkling water beverage, suitable for all to enjoy. Don’t just take our word for it, check out some of these reviews on their Zero-Proof and Hemp canned beverages.

The Challenge: Recess Projects Large Demand Spike for Prime Day

As Recess was gearing up for Amazon Prime Day, a sudden spike in demand became apparent, and the company needed a solution that could scale production efficiently without imposing additional strain on their operations team. Enter our Acción Performance team, an experienced 3PL outfit specializing in custom supply chain solutions for businesses facing unique logistical challenges. When it comes to building custom solutions for our partners, we take action!

Our Customized Solution: Temporary Logistics Ramp-up

With a quick turnaround needed, our Acción All-stars swiftly stepped in to game-plan for a temporary logistics ramp-up. The goal was to expedite the packing and preparation of variety packs within a tight turnaround window. The average demand for Recess products ranged from 10,000 to 15,000 trays a month, but for Prime Day, they forecasted a sudden spike and needed to scale up their processes to meet the anticipated surge in demand.

In just 9 days, our team managed to complete 50,000 trays, packed and prepared across 8 trucks. This not only showcased the efficiency of our fulfillment and logistics prowess, but also highlighted our  of strategic outsourcing when in meeting short-term surges in demand.

Crucially, Acción Performance took on the logistical scheduling burden, leveraging flexible labor capacity to scale up production efficiency. This allowed Recess to eliminate any disruptions in their day-to-day operations, avoiding unwanted overtime charges.

Recess and Acción: A Partnership Beyond Prime Day

Beyond the success of Prime Day, this collaboration speaks to the power of strategic supply chain management. By customizing a short-term solution, Acción not only met our client’s immediate needs, but also established a partnership built on trust, efficiency, and shared success!

Acción Performance’s dedication to being a true #SupplyChain partner in action was exemplified in the rapid response, meticulous execution, and outstanding results achieved in collaboration with Recess. As Recess continues to create products that promote relaxation and balance in an increasingly stressful world, Acción Performance stands ready to support their logistical needs, ensuring calm, cool, and collected operations for continued success.

Explore the Calm: Recess’s New Samplers Await You
Curious to experience the calm crafted by Recess? Check out their inventory and explore a world of relaxation.


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