FBA Prep Services USA

Partnering with Acción Performance allows your business to remain agile as production needs shift. Our customized FBA prep services USA eliminate wasted resources by optimizing performance as we seamlessly integrate into your logistics processes.


Our Capabilities

At Acción Performance your FBA prep center is ready to service you, our focus is on meticulously preparing products to meet Amazon’s strict guidelines. While we don’t handle the direct fulfillment of Amazon orders, our specialty lies in packaging and repackaging items to align with Amazon’s specifications.

For example, some products may come in packaging configurations that don’t meet Amazon’s requirements. We adjust these to ensure they comply with Amazon’s guidelines, which may include repackaging items into different quantities or formats. This often involves over-labeling to meet Amazon’s labeling standards.

Additionally, we pay close attention to Amazon’s pallet and weight requirements to prevent any risk of product rejection. Failure to meet these specifications can lead to returns and potentially impact seller ratings.

Although we don’t directly fulfill Amazon orders, our expertise in ensuring compliance with Amazon’s standards is aimed at protecting your reputation and maximizing success on the platform.

  • Fast Shipping and Quick Turnaround Time:

    Whether it’s wholesale, branded bundles, or private label products, expect your items to be out the door within 48 hours.

  • Loading Docks:

    Say goodbye to lift gate headaches. Our facility boasts ample loading docks for both LTL and FTL shipments.

  • Transparent Pricing:

    No hidden costs here. Our nearly all-inclusive pricing ensures you know your total cost upfront, saving you from guesswork.

  • Ample Space and Industrial Machines:

    With over 80,000 square feet of warehouse space and top-of-the-line industrial machines like shrink wrap machines, box sealers, and pallet scales, we’re equipped to prep your products efficiently and professionally.

  • Great Communication:

    Need assistance? Our dedicated staff is here for you during business hours via phone, text, or email.

  • Volume Discounts:

    Prep large quantities with ease and enjoy savings through our volume discounts.

  • Scalability:

    Our turnaround time depends on your product size, but rest assured, we can scale to meet expedited timelines and exceed client expectations.

  • Item Tracking:

    While we don’t offer tracking, we keep you in the loop by notifying you when we receive and ship your products.

  • Expert FBA Prep Services:

    Wondering what FBA prep is all about? It ensures your products meet Amazon’s stringent requirements for sale on the platform, saving you time and hassle.

  • Amazon Compliance Expertise:

    We navigate the maze of Amazon’s packaging and prep requirements, ensuring your products are accepted every time.

  • Effortless Labeling:

    From item level to pallet, we’ve got your labeling needs covered, ensuring compliance with Amazon’s standards.

  • Size and Weight Limits:

    Rest easy knowing your shipments can weigh up to 50 lbs, meeting Amazon’s size and weight guidelines.

Managing Modern Solutions

Optimized supply chain solutions aren’t “one size fits all,” and neither are our pricing models. Our team
finds the best approach for your project to maximize your resources, including cost.


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Project-Based Solutions

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Custom Solutions

See how the Acción team creates individualized solutions for our clients across industries to optimize their unique demands.


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