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Streamline Your FBA Prep with Acción Performance

When it comes to Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), timely and precise product preparation is essential. That’s where Acción Performance steps in to make your FBA prep process smoother and more efficient. We are committed to ensuring that your products are properly packaged and sent on time for Fulfillment by Amazon, allowing your team to save both valuable time and resources.


At Acción Performance, we offer a range of comprehensive FBA prep services to meet your unique requirements:

  1. Kitting & Assembly: Whether it’s bundling multiple items or creating unique product sets, we have the expertise and facilities to handle all your kitting and assembly needs.
  2. Labeling & Stickering: Accurate and compliant labeling is crucial for successful FBA. We take care of labeling and stickering tasks to meet Amazon’s stringent requirements.
  3. Quality Inspection: Our meticulous quality inspection ensures that your products meet the highest standards, reducing the risk of any issues during fulfillment.
  4. Sortation: Efficiently organize your products for Amazon’s fulfillment centers with our sorting services, making the entire process more seamless.
  5. Shrink Wrap & Secondary Packaging: Protect your products during shipping with our shrink wrap and secondary packaging solutions, ensuring that they reach customers in pristine condition.
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