How Acción Fills Your Management and Labor Gap

As brick and mortar stores are replaced with distribution centers thanks to the rise in online shopping, finding and retaining skilled warehouse workers has become increasingly difficult for the average operations manager. The warehouse manager — whose time is already divided between employee management and black-and-white results — is left struggling to keep up with company goals, while facing high warehouse employee turnover due to ever-increasing competition.

Instead of overworking your operations manager, it’s time to consider outsourcing to Acción Performance. When you partner with Acción, we fill the management and labor gap to free up your upper-level management to focus on core business operations.

Not sure if Acción could help you? Read on to discover how partnering with us helps get the results you want.

Managing Projects from Start to Finish

We start each partnership with a time study to fully understand the ins-and-outs of your facility. From there, we work toward your goals while implementing values agreed upon in our partnership contract. With extensive experience serving the unique challenges and peak seasons in third-party logistics, consumer goods, and printing, we provide project-based solutions available on an hourly or cost-per-unit basis.

Providing the Team Leads and Management Oversight

But we don’t just focus on the projects. We want to remove the burden of warehouse management. That’s why we provide team leads to serve as an extension of your organization. By replacing traditional staffing models with advanced labor solutions that productively execute daily operational tasks with precision, we free up your managers to focus their time, energy, and resources on core business practices. We take your culture and values and implement them from the team leads down to the assembly line workers.

Reducing Time and Money Spent on Talent Investment, Training, and Turnover

It’s no secret that turnover rates are exceptionally high for warehouse positions. On top of that, those positions are expensive to replace and often require significant time to invest in talent and train new workers. With Acción, you won’t need to worry about the HR headaches associated with warehouse talent searches. We activate floor-level supervision to drive our shared performance-level requirements, and fully train our staff to help reduce the learning curve. With decreased headcounts, diminished overtime hours, and advanced approaches to work, we give our clients a significant competitive advantage by reducing labor costs by 10-15 percent.

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