How Time Assessments Enable Wins for Your Business

At Accion we are committed to seeing long term growth and improvement for all of our clients and prospects. In order to help in achieving long term growth, we offer anyone a free time assessment.

A free time assessment is our opportunity to come in and understand the depths of your current process. Giving us the access to understand how you currently work helps our team to understand how we can integrate with your current flow. Our team doesn’t look to control or pass on a 100% change in your current process, instead we look for ways to improve. This method allows for our teams to manage in a way that takes the shortest and quickest path to improving results.

Once we understand your current process, our teams take an in-depth look at your timing and potentially your production records, to make recommendations on how we can achieve an expedited result, leading to better efficiencies. These solutions come in a number of different ways, but primarily through our cost per unit (CPU) model.

We offer fixed-priced solutions, charging a piece rate for units completed, which comes with a wide set of benefits.

Benefits of CPU

  1. Predictable Labor Costs
  2. Pay for Productivity
  3. Accountable Teamwork

If you and your team are interested in getting a free time assessment and understanding how you can unlock your potential through CPU, contact us today!