Empowering Latino Students Through Endowment Scholarship

The inauguration of the Manuel & Josefina Morales Endowment Scholarship marks a significant step toward empowering Latino students in business. For many people, pursuing a college degree is an uphill climb that quickly halts due to financial limitations.

Our esteemed founder, Tomás Morales, knows from his humble upbringing how important a helping hand can be. He is the son of immigrant parents who migrated to Indiana decades ago to embark on a better life. Tom wanted to return the favor by helping others following their same path. Carrying on this tradition today is the very essence both of our divisions, Acción PerformanceMorales Group Staffing.

Before we dive into a meaningful milestone that took place at Marian University,  let’s unveil the legacy of Tom’s parents, Manuel & Josefina Morales.

Legacy of Manuel & Josefina Morales

When Manuel & Josefina Morales came to Indiana, their dream was to become a pillar of hope for all those that followed their footsteps. They wanted to be a resource for anyone who left everything behind to pursue a better future. Tom expressed how his parents were among the original Hispanic families in the Indianapolis region. As resources were scarce for outsiders, Manuel and Josefina offered their support for anyone who came.

Building Better Futures

Their unwavering dedication to helping others has helped fuel Morales’ 20+ successful years of Building Better Futures. Through their lens, we’re opening pathways and making an impact that will last for generations. The foundation laid down by Tom’s parents allowed for he and his wife, Chris, to progress that promise even further when Tom founded Morales Group.

Our Core Values & Mission

Everything we do as a Morales Group company is a continuation of the legacy of Manuel and Josefina. Our core values are ‘Be Humble, Be Courageous, Be a Light, and Be Gritty’. These values are more than just inspirational phrases; they’re our guiding compass to help us live out our mission, Building Better Futures, One Story At A Time. Tom has always been a believer of paying it forward and we’re always looking to make a difference, like on our home builds in Mazatlán, Mexico.

“My challenge to you is to take whatever platform or sphere of influence you have, and use it to intentionally impact your community” Tom Morales, Co-Founder.

The Manuel & Josefina Morales Endowment Scholarship

As a graduate of their doctoral program, Tom has a special place in his heart for his alma mater, Marian University. Embodying the very essence of ‘lending a hand’, he wanted to provide a chance to support education in a profound way, introducing the Manuel & Josefina Morales Endowment Scholarship.

In honor of Manuel and Josefina, their namesake will now serve as a guiding light for generations to come. The inauguration of this endowment scholarship will provide financial backing for aspiring, young Hispanic entrepreneurs and business leaders attending Marian University. Tom and Chris proudly presented the inaugural Manuel & Josefina Morales Endowment Scholarship to their first recipient, Paola Castañeda.

Paola is a senior Finance major at Marian University who emerged as the deserving recipient of this prestigious scholarship. With graduation on the horizon, Paola embodies untapped potential and unwavering determination to carve out a successful career. Her story epitomizes the essence of the scholarship’s mission – to provide support and opportunity to rising Latino students who aspire to pursue their dreams in business.

Marian University Endowment Program

Endowments are legacies of generosity. They can provide students the chance to reach their dreams of a college education, which is otherwise hindered due to the lack of resources for tuition, books, housing, and other expenses. Through their program, a friend, alumni or even a supporter can create a scholarship. Today, Marian University boasts more than 350+ scholarships that can support a thriving student, a loved one, or even a mentor.

A Dream Come True

The Manuel & Josefina Morales Endowment Scholarship is more than just a financial aid program. It is a symbol of empowerment, a beacon of hope with transformative power of ‘lending a hand’. As we celebrate this milestone, let us carry forward the spirit of generosity, compassion, and dedication that defines our collective pursuit of Building Better Futures, One Story at a Time.