Building Better Futures with YWAM Homes of Hope | Mazatlán 2023

Corporate responsibility is at the heart of our company’s mission and values. We developed our Loving Every Gift of Service Program (L.E.G.O.S.) to articulate to our clients, team members, and partners how we bring all of our acts of service together in one place for building better futures.  

Our approach is simple; we ask team members to nominate their peers when they exemplify one of the core values while in service of others. These nominations are read aloud each month at the all-company meetings and the individuals are recognized with a LEGO brick that goes into the foundation of building a LEGO house.  

By the end of the year, all of the acts of service culminate into a true replicate of a home we build in Mazatlán, Mexico. Our team’s commitment to 25 hours of paid volunteer time during the year and hard work gives them an opportunity to travel with our company to build with YWAM Homes of Hope.


Co-founder & Chairman, Tom Morales comforts the mother of a new home.


Thus far, we can say that 360+ teammates and partners have helped increase our total home build count to 23 homes with 100+ lives impacted. We truly mean it when we say we’re a mission disguised as a business! 

Each home is provided everything from major appliances to electrical and plumbing – and before part ways, we celebrate the build with a personalized house sign on the outside, representing the family and signifying the start of a new beginning.  


 Green house with sign next to door Familia Patron Reyes


In January, we sent down our first team of builders and volunteers to bring life to the Zepeda family. Our groups usually consist of around 15-30 people. This particular project gave an expecting mother and her family a place to grow and call home. 

Zepeda family embracing each other outside their new home.

Later in February, we sent two crews to jump in for two home builds, #22 and #23. The teams rallied despite the heat and managed to complete both projects, bringing life to these families that desperately needed the win. Team Luke, fronted by VP of Merger + Acquisitions, Luke Morales, took lead with building for the Familia Mendoza Renteria project and Team Tom, led by our fearless leader & Co-founder, Tomás Morales, saw through the home build for Familiar Patron Reyes.  

Each and every home build holds such special meaning and value for our team, as we know the importance and impact it makes for those most in need. 

We will continue to work with YWAM on future home builds to live out our mission, because it’s part of who we are as a company.