Celebrating Leadership + Diversity, CEO Seth Morales Honored with ‘Diversity in Leadership’ Award

We are elated to share that our CEO, Seth Morales, has humbly received the ‘Diversity in Leadership’ award at the inaugural Diversity in Leadership Awards ceremony. This event, hosted by the Diversity in Leadership program and founded by Dr. Leon Jackson, recognizes exemplary leaders and organizations committed to fostering diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Let’s further discuss the significance of receiving this award and how it furthers our mission.

The Diversity in Leadership Program

Founded in 2021, the Diversity in Leadership program aims to highlight leaders who actively promote inclusive practices and create opportunities for underrepresented groups. Dr. Leon Jackson, the visionary behind this initiative, has dedicated his career to advancing diversity in corporate leadership. The program’s goal is to inspire organizations to prioritize diversity and to celebrate those who lead by example. The program’s mission is serving as a catalyst for the advancement of ethnic minorities and women across the country, facilitated through the development of talent pipelines for higher education and industry. Hear more from Dr. Leon Jackson on WISH TV’s BEO segment.

“The Diversity in Leadership Program is about helping the next generation of leaders find their voice, find their unique passion and skills, so they can step into their opportunities to lead in a way that they’re prepared, confident, and possessing the talent and skills, knowledge to be successful”
– Dr. Leon Jackson, CEO/Founder of The Diversity in Leadership Program

Seth Morales + Morales Group Staffing

With 19+ years of tenure at Morales Group, Seth has long been a beacon of light to diversity and inclusion. As CEO of Morales Group Staffing + Acción Performance, Seth continues building on the foundation laid by owner and his father, Tom Morales, an Indiana Living Legend. Under Seth’s leadership, Morales Group Staffing has expanded its reach and impact throughout Indiana and Greater Louisville. We’ve made significant strides in bridging gaps for individuals from various backgrounds by providing opportunities and support through employment.

Celebrating Seth’s Impact

Receiving this award is a testament to Seth’s unwavering dedication to making a difference. His efforts have not only transformed Morales Group Staffing into a diverse and inclusive workplace but have also influenced the broader community. This year, Morales Group Staffing was humbly recognized as ‘Best Places to Work in Indiana’ for 2024.

In his acceptance speech, Seth emphasized the collective effort required to drive meaningful change. “This award is not just a personal achievement but a reflection of the hard work and dedication of our entire team at Morales Group Staffing. Together, we are building bridges and creating opportunities for everyone.”

We are proud of Seth Morales and all the award recipients for their outstanding contributions to diversity and inclusion. We look forward to continuing our efforts and inspiring others to join us in this important work. Morales Group Staffing proudly sponsors initiatives like these that further our mission – Building Better Futures, One Story at a Time.

To learn more about this amazing program, visit www.changeatthetop.com.