Acción Performance Competes in the 2023 Pallet Games by Mavpak

Pallet Games are back in full swing!

The team at Acción Performance is dedicated to fulfilling our customers’ supply chain solutions projects onsite or within our 80,000 sq. ft. warehouse. Every year we find it crucially important to show our teammates the same appreciation.

The Pallet Games by MAVPAK came about as a desire for companies in the warehousing space to break away from the everyday hustle and grind and come together to celebrate their teams – and what better way to do so than a day filled with fun and games surrounded by amazing teammates and friendly competition.

Picture of 2017 Indianapolis Pallet Games Champion award, presented by LogistXGames.

The Pallet Games by MAVPAK is an annual competition designed to build culture, inspire teamwork, and have fun. The six-hour event brings together the warehousing, distribution, and manufacturing communities for a day of games made to test teamwork, talent, efficiency, and speed! Each year its popularity increases, and the competition grows stronger. Our Acción team remains the inaugural Indianapolis Pallet Games champion back in 2017. (Formerly LogistXGames)

After 2019, like many in-person functions, the Pallet Games took a step away from the annual competition due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and has returned for action. The 2023 Pallet Games kicked off with high energy from every attendee!

On the morning of March 9th – The Accíon team arrived in full force with 30+ teammates, led by captains Luis Gomez and Jaziel Saavedra. And of course, accompanied by our amazing Morales Group family showing their unwavering support; Camaraderie at its finest.

With 38 other teams in attendance, you could feel the energy radiating throughout the warehouse of over 500 people. Cheers of excitement echoed off the floors as the hunt for victory began.

The competition consisted of five (5) Main Event games.

Each event was intended to test critical, problem-solving, and creative-thinking skills combined with athleticism and speed.

  1. Brain Game – this event was used to challenge the teams creative-thinking skills in critical moments and limited resources.
  2. Handle With Care – Teams packed a box with anything needed to protect (2) fragile items from breaking. Once ready, the box was dropped from a tall platform to test for validity.
  3. Check Point – Can the teams beat the clock? This event contained a series of timed challenges with the goal to be done before the timer goes off.
  4. Pack Attack – Teams built a box and packed marketing inserts, then labeled the box, and finally tossed it into a gaylord – timed event, most points scored won.
  5. Pallet Jack Relay – this fan-favorite relay race was filled with high-energy and pallet-driving expertise. If boxes fall off, teams must stop and place the boxes back on pallet to proceed.

It is important to find ways to build team cohesion and boost morale. Our Pallet Games captains formed teams for each event with the best teammates with those particular skillsets.

“I think it’s an easy win to be able to just get out with your team and experience this for a day, just to watch them compete, enjoy themselves, and to spend time with one another outside of the building.” – VP of Acción Performance, Rick Allen.

Team Spirit Challenge:

Each year, there is also the Team Spirit Challenge, where teams are tasked with collaborating and showing off their creativity. Teams are given a smaller, wooden pallet to decorate as a team. Every pallet is required to have the company’s logo plus a theme for the event.

Our Acción team showcased a beautiful pallet display that encompassed our 3 core values: Be Humble, Be Courageous, and Be a Light. Of course, we also wanted to heat up our Accíon logo to fit with our rally cry theme for 2023 – “Full Speed Ahead”. Then, finessed the bottom with an ode to our diverse team and minority-owned business by showing hands that symbolize our different backgrounds united as one.

Group of three holding pallet sign designed for event.

While our pallet wasn’t selected, we think it’s a ten across the board. This pallet artwork is truly emblematic of our culture and family at Morales Group. Kudos to Luis and team for excellent craftsmanship.

The best part of Pallet Games is that everyone leaves feeling like a champion, as they should. We want to give back to our warehouse warriors for their hard work and dedication, because they deserve to be appreciated!

“Although we didn’t end up with a gold, silver, or bronze, hats off to the team for having fun, building relationships, and giving it their best” – CEO, Seth Morales.

Painted pallet that says 2023 Brain Game Winners

Our Acción critical thinkers were able to claim best overall score in the Brain Game event, and regardless of the awards, we most certainly had fun!

Congratulations to the 1st place Gold Winners, Endress+Hauser out of Greenwood, IN, as well as all the winners and teams that participated in this year’s Pallet Games to make this event truly great.

Special thanks to the team at MavPak for everything. We’re already gearing-up for Pallet Games 2024, see you then!



Group shot of Acción and Morales Group Staffing teammates.

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