Are You Ready for Peak Season

When the summer months begin to heat up, the real heat for Peak Season and holidays is just right around the corner. Businesses across various industries brace for the unforeseen challenges and opportunities ahead. Proper preparation is key to navigating the increased demand and logistical road bumps. At Acción Performance, we offer tailored Supply Chain Solutions designed to keep your supply chain running smoothly throughout the life cycle. We’ll talk about why we’re the ideal fit for your team and how our Supply Chain Solutions can help you stay cool and efficient in the heat of the action.

Understanding Peak Season in Logistics

First, what exactly is Peak Season? This period refers to the time when businesses experience a significant surge in activity and demand. For many industries, this aligns with the summer months and extends through the holiday season. During this time, Consumer Packaged Goods companies (CPG) and logistics firms face pressure to meet customer expectations and manage increased workloads effectively. According to industry experts, proper planning and efficient processes is crucial. When you partner with Acción Performance, you get a partner in action. We’re dedicated to eliminating those unwanted issues like poor communication, inefficient production with errors, limited resources, and/or unforeseen bottlenecks due to turnover or delays.

Trusting Your Supply Chain Partner

We’ve seen first-hand how various industries can move quickly, especially when ramping up for the holidays. The first taste of this rush being the summer Amazon Prime Day event. With so much at stake, it’s important to have more than just a service provider who meets your needs. You deserve a partner who understands the intricacies of your operations and can optimize as needed to meet unique challenges, and exceed your expectations. With our decades of industry expertise, we will stand out as your preferred partner. We offer a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to enhance your efficiencies, reduce your costs, all while increasing your bottomline. Let’s dive into our some of our solutions.

Our Value-Added Services

Acción Performance stands out from our competitors with our unparalleled competencies in packaging solutions. We handle a wide range of projects, some of our core capabilities include:

  • Kitting + Assembly: efficiently organize and assemble components to streamline your production process.
  • POP + PDQ Display Builds: effectively build and packaged retail displays ready to hit the sales floor.
  • Repack + Rework: carefully packaging product into new pack or altering approach.
  • Co-Packaging: providing flexible packaging for products to meet your unique needs
  • Labeling + Stickering: applying labels and stickers accurately to meet compliance and avoid delays in shipment.
  • Amazon FBA Prep: adhere to Amazon’s strict guidelines through our fulfillment expertise.
  • Reverse Logistics + Returns: managing returned goods efficiently to minimize losses and eliminate waste.
  • Shrink Wrapping: secure and safe packaging for shipment and retail
  • Sortation: expertly organizing products to help optimize production

Our Peak Season Solutions

Cost Per Unit (CPU) Model

Through our Cost-Per-Unit (CPU) model, we’re able to fixate a rate per unit for our clients, which allows them to control and forecast their budget effectively. This is popular among our clients because it keeps CPU low, while allowing production to not just meet, but exceed your performance goals. We can proactively respond when demand surges spike by increasing our production or scaling back based on needs. Learn how this CPU model allowed our client to focus on other important core business projects.

Managed Workforce

Do you need skilled labor at your facility? We offer labor support solutions that eliminate staffing stressors by providing a team of experts who will manage your workload on-site. These individuals are skilled workers that possess the training and experience needed. To ensure project success and customer satisfaction, we supply a designated Project Manager who oversees the production and reports back as needed to the client. See how we provided labor stability for one of our clients.

How This Works + Where Do I Get Started?

Our algorithm is simple yet effective. First, we learn your current processes and identify your pain points. Then, we map out a game plan tailored to your exact specifications, optimizing efficiencies and ensuring a seamless operation. Once we’ve established our core game plan, we execute based on timelines provided and keep communication strong through the process to ensure no missteps. Don’t delay, if you’re ready to talk, we’re ready to listen – simply fill out our quick + easy form here.

Solutions Year Round

We understand business can ebb and flow, production rises and falls. With Acción Performance at your side, you can keep your supply chain cool and efficient all year long, not just during the crazy months. Say good-bye to the constant shifting of partners. We’re ready to deliver success at every turn, ensuring that your operations run smoothly and efficiently. Stay ahead when you partner with Acción Performance, and experience the difference that expertise and dedication can make.

Ready to get started on your Peak Season Planning? Contact our team today.