Driving FBA Prep Success: veryplants Hits #1 Best Seller on Amazon Canada

At Acción Performance, we are thrilled to celebrate an exciting milestone with our esteemed partners at veryplants®. Their premium potting mix, Molly’s Aroid Mix, has recently secured the #1 Best Seller spot on Amazon in Canada. This achievement highlights the exceptional quality of their product and underscores the power of a strategic partnership. As their trusted logistics and Amazon FBA prep partner, we’ve played a crucial role in packaging and preparing their products for Amazon’s fulfillment. Let’s take a dive into veryplants’ success story and how Acción Performance’s supply chain solutions has been instrumental in their journey.

About veryplants’ + Aroid Mix Success Story

Based in Canada, veryplants is renowned for its high-quality soilless potting mixes, capturing the hearts of plant enthusiasts and professionals. Founded with a passion for plants and sustainability, they offer expertly crafted potting mixes that cater to various plant species. Their products provide optimal growth conditions, making it easier for both novice and experienced gardeners to care for their plants. Molly’s Aroid Mix, specifically crafted for aroids, has quickly become a top choice among customers. This mix is currently leading as the #1 Best Seller on Amazon Canada.

The success of Molly’s Aroid Mix is a testament to veryplants’ commitment to excellence and innovation. As they set their sights on the U.S. market, they recognized the need for a logistics partner who could ensure their products met Amazon’s stringent requirements. That’s where Acción Performance came in.

veryplants' product, Molly's aroid mix, getting packaged and filled for Amazon FBA prep by Acción Performance team.
Molly’s aroid mix, getting packaged and filled by Acción Performance team.

Acción Performance’s Role

We take pride being more than just a logistics provider; we are your dedicated partners from cradle to grave. For veryplants, this meant leveraging our deep expertise in Amazon FBA prep and our supply chain solutions to help break them into the U.S. markets and streamline their operations. What won over their decision was our industry expertise, communicative customer service, our supply chain solutions, and in particular our Amazon FBA Prep.

“The team at Acción has proven itself to be a critical piece of our go-to-market strategy. They combine an impressive level of professionalism with an uncanny can-do attitude that is both refreshing and genuine. We couldn’t be more appreciative of the great team overseeing our partnership and the company-wide support we’ve received to date.” says Jordan, Co-Founder, veryplants.

Our comprehensive services for veryplants included:

  • Product Packaging: With our value-added services combined with proprietary equipment, our team successfully mixed the enriched soilless potting mix and meticulously packaged each bag to preserve quality and comply with Amazon’s standards.
  • Labeling and Barcoding: We handled the precise labeling requirements necessary for seamless integration into Amazon’s fulfillment network.
  • Inventory Management: We also managed stock levels and coordinated shipments to prevent both stockouts and overstock situations.

Furthermore, by handling these critical logistics functions, we’ve enabled veryplants to focus on their core business, thereby granting them the time to develop exceptional products and expand their market presence.

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The Benefits of Partnering with Acción Performance

Choosing Acción Performance as a logistics partner offers numerous advantages for businesses aiming to optimize their operations and achieve their sales goals:

Comprehensive Value-Added Services: In additional to Amazon FBA prep, we offer a diverse array of value-added services to optimize your supply chain. From kitting to repackaging to reverse logistics solutions and PDQ display builds, our team specializes in providing tailored supply chain solutions to meet your specific requirements. Explore our full range of services here.

Efficient Operations: On time, error-free, packaging. Our streamlined processes minimize delays and enhance efficiency, helping you get your products to market faster with speed and accuracy.

Scalability: As your business grows, we scale our services to meet your increasing demands without compromising quality. Let’s say you have two weeks to complete a project that typically takes one month, we can help.

Our partnership with veryplants is a shining example of how our tailor-made supply chain solutions can drive success. Choosing Acción Performance means selecting a partner fully committed to your growth and achievement.

Streamlining FBA Prep Operations for Success with Acción Performance

Veryplants’ rise to #1 Best Seller on Amazon Canada powerfully demonstrates the potential of pairing the right product with the right logistics partner. We’re proud to have a pivotal role in their success and look forward to achieving new heights together. Without question, we’re confident our supply chain solutions can streamline your operations.

For more information about veryplants, check out their website.

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