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Aug 01 2022

Better Kit Assembly Services

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The prosperity of your business is highly dependent on finding business tactics that increase revenue streams by improving operations. Whether your business is a large-scale or small-scale manufacturer, these tactics will positively influence your customers' contentment and willingness to go into business with you in the future. Kitting and assembly solutions are one of the business tactics you should utilize, no matter the size of your business.

However, choosing the right kitting and assembly solutions provider can be confusing since kit assembly services appear similar. Therefore, let us start by outlining the difference between kitting and assembly to help you recognize which one best suits your business.

Assembly is the process of taking two or more separate parts or components and combining them to produce one ultimate item prepared for shipment. Some third-party logistics companies utilize a line of multiple workers, each performing a specified task and passing the product to the next worker down the line until the final stage, where the product is completely assembled. On the other hand, kitting bundles two or more similar components or items to create a kit shipped as a single item. The end consumer mainly assembles the kit, unlike in assembly, where they are received as complete products.

Incorporating these kit assembly services in your business offers benefits such as lowered overhead costs, consolidated inventory, better lead times, and reduced fulfillment and shipping mistakes. In addition, kitting and assembly services enable you to free more time and focus on core issues of your business, such as improving your products.

Shopify Fulfillment

The advancement of technology has diversified digital commerce, making it better and more efficient. For a client, creating an online account can feel like magic. They click a button, their credit card is charged, and their chosen item appears on their door in a few days. However, getting the item to the client is complex for you, the business owner. Whether you run an online business or intend to start one, you need top-tier eCommerce fulfillment services at your disposal for your venture to grow at an unrelenting pace.

However, before choosing between the eCommerce fulfillment companies in the market, it is essential to understand what eCommerce fulfillment services entail and which eCommerce fulfillment models are available for your business.

What are eCommerce fulfillment services?

Most successful e-commerce businesses have one similar underlying factor; they have one of the best eCommerce fulfillment services taking care of their eCommerce fulfillment needs. Without the fitting eCommerce fulfillment on your side, you may have the best product in the online market, and its demand might be through the roof, but your hard work and venture might end up down the drain. Ecommerce fulfillment ensures the customer is content by picking, packing, and delivering the product to their doorstep on time. It involves maintaining inventory, locating products in storage, packing them, and managing logistics for delivery.

How Does Ecommerce Fulfillment Work?

Although eCommerce fulfillment is one fundamental factor to the success of an online business, it is also among the most complex parts of an online business. Most online companies spend large amounts to ensure the fulfillment process is efficient. However, most people do not understand the moving parts involved. There are six significant steps involved in fulfilling orders;

  1. Inventory management- Inventory management is the process of ordering and storing raw materials, parts of a product, or finished products. Since most eCommerce businesses do not do their manufacturing, inventory management is a crucial part of the fulfillment process.
  2. Warehouse StorageThis is where products ready for sale and shipment are stored. You may opt to do this yourself if you have the capacity or outsource a third-party warehousing company.
  3. Receiving Orders This is where your company gets the customer's orders.
  4. Packing The received orders are prepared for shipping at this stage. It may involve wrapping delicate products or branding the orders.
  5. Shipping involves promptly selecting the proper postage and paying the fees to transport the products from the storage warehouse to the client's designated location.
  6. Returns – In this stage, defective items are shipped back to the warehouse from the customer for processing, cataloging, and resale.

There are three major eCommerce fulfillment models in the market to choose from for your online business. Each eCommerce fulfillment model has its advantages and disadvantages; thus, the tricky part is identifying which model is best suited for your business. They include;

In-house fulfillment is where an online business fulfills its orders with a team or independently using its labor and other assets within its facility. Its appropriateness largely depends on the inventory volume.

Dropshipping involves forwarding your online orders to the product manufacturer or supplier who picks, packs, and ships the product to the customer on your behalf. Therefore, once you contract with the drop shipper, you transfer all the fulfillment processes to the drop shipper.

Third-party logistics is a model where you hire eCommerce fulfillment companies to manage the entire fulfillment process and your supply chain, including sourcing, inventory and order management, receiving, picking, and packing, among others.

Therefore, eCommerce fulfillment services are third-party logistics companies that perform all the fulfillment services on behalf of eCommerce businesses. These companies perform all the services from their physical fulfillment centers without interfering or needing your presence or input. Thus, they can rest easy as all your fulfillment needs are taken care of. Ecommerce fulfillment companies are best for businesses that want to avoid shipping complications or have outgrown their existing warehouse capabilities and can no longer handle all their shipping orders. However, this does not mean other businesses can not use them. Since eCommerce fulfillment services in online companies play a crucial part in their success, let us look at some of the eCommerce fulfillment services in the USA.

Best Ecommerce Fulfillment Services

Searching for a fulfillment company to work with can be daunting, especially when you do not know where to start. To help you through this process, below are some of the best eCommerce fulfillment services the USA has to offer;

  • Shopify Fulfillment Network
  • Rakuten Super Logistics
  • ShipBob
  • Fulfillment by Amazon
  • ShipMonk

Using eCommerce fulfillment services in your online business has many benefits, such as lowering your overhead cost, reducing fulfillment mistakes, and giving you more time to prioritize management. However, gaining all these benefits depends on picking compatible e-commerce fulfillment services for your business. Therefore, do your due diligence before committing to any.

Order Fulfillment Services

The primary condition for the success of any business is making the customers happy. Customer contentment is a fundamental determinant of whether they will return in the future or not. Therefore, if you can keep your customer satisfied with your services, you are one step closer to the guarantee of success. However, if your customers are not satisfied with your services, it does not matter whether you have the best product in the market; your business will always be lacking.

One definite way to satisfy your customers regardless of industry, age, or type is by incorporating order fulfillment services. Apart from keeping your clients satisfied with your business, order fulfillment services also afford your business countless benefits in its operation. But what are order fulfillment services?

In simple terms, order fulfillment is getting the desired item to the client within the shortest period between ordering and delivery. For your business to accomplish order fulfillment, you may opt for the best fulfillment companies available in the market or individually perform these fulfillment services. However, using the best fulfillment company helps your business cut overhead costs, avoid long-term leases, and perfect the art of order fulfillment since experts in the field do it.

However, before getting into business with a fulfillment company, it is advisable to know how to calculate fulfillment costs per order and compare the prices offered to a list of fulfillment companies on the market. In addition, learning how to calculate fulfillment costs per order will help you investigate how much you save by using fulfillment companies. On the other hand, analyze the list of fulfillment companies to pick the one that adequately covers your needs and fits into your business model.

Warehousing and Fulfillment Services

Starting a business can be a daunting process since, most times, people start small and then grow into big companies. However, this does not have to be a terrible time. Many ways, like warehousing and fulfillment services, as the business world evolves, support start-up ventures. For example, fulfillment services for start-ups can help you through the establishing phase. Additionally, acquiring fulfillment services for start-ups is as easy as searching online for fulfillment services near me. You will have a range of companies to pick from. Also, you can opt to search for kitting and fulfillment services that encompass all the services you might be seeking for your start-up.

However, once you have found fulfillment services near me or kitting and fulfillment services, it is prudent to do extensive research to ensure that those available fit adequately your business model.

Warehouse Cost Calculator

As a business owner, it is vital to consider all factors, especially the warehousing services pricing, before incorporating outsourced warehousing services. Although outsourcing services for your business is highly recommended, it should offer you better financial freedom in the long run than when you do it individually. Therefore, when projected over a given period, the warehousing services pricing should be both reasonable and fair for your business. It is advisable to take warehousing pricing examples and compare them to your current warehouse costs. However, the warehousing pricing examples you pick should stipulate the warehousing cost calculator and the method explained.

Kitting Manufacturing

Kitting is among the most beneficial concepts in manufacturing. Kitting packaging offers your business solutions for clearing old stock while simultaneously achieving customer satisfaction. Therefore, it is advisable to incorporate kitting packaging providers for your business regardless of your business type. One of the most definite ways to find a kitting packaging company is by searching for kitting services near me on your browser. By finding kitting services near me, you get a list of companies to choose from, which are either classified by location or rating.

Incorporating kitting services for your business offers you business benefits such as using kitting equipment, specialized services, and the kitting examples available in the market. However, if your company has a small inventory, you could buy specialized kitting equipment and use the kitting examples to kit your products.

Northern Prep Center

A prep center is a service that receives, inspects, and prepares your inventory and then ships this inventory to Amazon. On the other hand, fulfillment by Amazon, also commonly referred to as FBA, is an eCommerce fulfillment service offered by Amazon that allows businesses to outsource order fulfillment at a cost. The company sends its products to an amazon prep center such as the prep center in Delaware, and when the customer makes a purchase, it is picked, packed, and shipped from the prep center in Delaware. Therefore, in simple terms, the best FBA prep service helps increase your business fulfillment to its clients.

Therefore, as a small business owner who wants to scale up the order fulfillment, it is advisable to know the prep centers around you. For example, if you are located in Delaware, you can search for a prep center in Delaware or an FBA prep center Florida if you are in Florida. Once you find the prep center in Florida, you can opt to send your products there and enjoy the best prep center service.

On the other hand, as a business owner searching for business ventures, you may opt to partner with amazon and set up an amazon prep center in Oregon, for instance. For this to happen, you must fully understand how to start an amazon prep center guide and meet all the requirements. However, as you consider setting up an amazon prep center in Oregon, it is crucial first to investigate if there is an existing prep center in the area. In addition, use the detailed how to start an amazon prep center guide to avoid running into problems in the future.

Third-Party Fulfillment Companies

When you decide to use third-party fulfillment companies for your business, it is advisable to establish which services the company offers and which ones it does not. Ensure that the services provided match the needs of your business. For example, if shipping and fulfillment services are the most needed in your business, ensure that shipping and fulfillment are offered and all the factors involved. On the other hand, if your pressing need is warehousing, go through the warehouse storage cost per pallet, for example. Outlining the warehouse cost per pallet will help you formulate the pricing of warehousing, thus guiding you on the best company.

3PL Cost Calculator

The cost implication is an essential driving factor for outsourcing any service for your business. Therefore, before considering any services, examine how much does 3pl cost. This is inclusive of factors like 3pl cost per pallet. By outlining the 3pl cost per pallet, you will be able to project the total cost of your goods and whether it is worth it. On the other hand, asking questions such as how much does 3pl cost helps you decide between the available outsourcing companies since rates vary from one company to the other.