Kitting Services

Teaming up with Acción Performance ensures your business stays nimble in the face of changing production demands. Our tailored kitting solutions not only optimize efficiency but also effortlessly blend with your existing logistics workflow. Let us handle the intricate tasks, allowing you to focus on what you excel at.

Why Choose Us?

Optimized supply chain solutions aren’t “one size fits all,” and neither are our pricing models. Our team
finds the best approach for your project to maximize your resources, including cost.

Cost Per Unit Solutions

• Predictable labor costs
• Pay for productivity
• Accountable teamwork

Outsourced Solutions

• 24/7 Availability
• 10 Loading Docks, 2 Loading Ramps
• 3 State-of-the-Art Shrink Wrap Machines

Project-Based Solutions

• Variable Project Sizes and Timeframes
• Specialized, Responsive Talent
• On- and Off-Site Capabilities

Customizable Solutions

See how the Acción team creates individualized solutions for our clients across industries to optimize their unique demands.


Efficiency Meets Accuracy

Streamlined for Success:
Our processes are honed to perfection, eliminating wasted time and resources. Every step, from inventory management to final packaging, is executed with speed and precision.

Accuracy First:
Mistakes cost time, money, and customer trust. That’s why we prioritize pinpoint accuracy in our kitting operations. Each kit is double-checked for completeness and correctness, ensuring that your product reaches its destination just as you intended.

Efficiency Beyond Kitting:
Our commitment to efficiency doesn’t stop at kitting. It permeates every service we offer, ensuring that your entire supply chain benefits from our industry-leading standards.

Solutions Where You Need Them

We understand business needs from all industries. Our team is equipped to work when and where you need us.


Extend Your Capabilities:
Unlock the power of seamless integration as our expert team integrates directly into your facility. We bring specialized skills, adaptability, and unparalleled expertise right to your doorstep.

Adaptive Solutions:
Every facility has unique needs. Our team is trained to quickly adapt to diverse environments, ensuring a smooth transition and immediate productivity.

Assured Quality & Compliance:
Our team is trained to adhere to the highest standards of quality and compliance. Working within your facility, we’ll uphold and reinforce your brand’s reputation for excellence.


Harness Our Team’s Skills:
Bring your projects to our facility, and our dedicated team will handle them with unmatched precision and skill. We offer a harmonious blend of your vision and our executional brilliance.

Seamless Integration:
Our team swiftly adapts to your specific requirements and methodologies, ensuring a seamless transition and continuity in your project outcomes.

Optimized Outcomes:
Our team, seasoned in diverse projects, ensures that your tasks are executed with efficiency, accuracy, and a commitment to the highest quality standards.

Kitting Solutions

We recognize that the foundation of superior kitting lies in precision and efficiency. Our dedicated kitting services are meticulously designed to ensure that every product bundle is both flawlessly assembled and ready for prompt shipment.

  • Inventory Management: Keeping an accurate count of all individual items to ensure sufficient stock for kitting.
  • Item Selection: Picking the correct items from inventory based on the kitting list.
  • Assembly: Combining individual items into a final product or package.
  • Packaging: Placing the kitted items into appropriate packaging, ensuring they are protected and presented well.
  • Labeling: Properly labeling the kit with product information, barcodes, and shipping details.
  • Quality Control: Checking the completed kits for accuracy and quality to avoid mistakes or missing components.

Let’s get to work