POP Display Builds

Partnering with Acción Performance allows your business to remain agile as production needs shift. Our customized point of purchase display builds services eliminate wasted resources by optimizing performance as we seamlessly integrate into your logistics processes.

Packaging Solutions

Stay on top of product alterations and capitalize on packaging as a marketing tool to your clients. Our team can focus on product appearance while ensuring safe and secure delivery to its destination.

Your Point of Purchase Display Partner

At Acción Performance, we specialize in two main types of Display Builds: POP and PDQ.

POP, which stands for Point of Purchase Display, and PDQ (Pretty Darn Quick) tabletop displays are our bread and butter. Our experienced team performs these builds multiple times a week, showcasing our dedication to excellence and efficiency.

Unlike installation/exhibit type builds typically seen at trade shows and events, we focus solely on POP display and PDQ builds. We understand the unique requirements of these point of purchase displays and have tailored our services to meet them effectively.

Our POP Display Build Capabilities

  • Planning and Design Collaboration:

    Work with marketing and design teams to develop display concepts that are both appealing and practical for the intended space.

  • Supply Chain Management:

    Ensure all materials needed for the display are ordered, in stock, and delivered on time. This includes display units, signage, and product samples.

  • Assembly and Installation:

    Handle the physical assembly of the display units, including the setup of shelving, signage, digital screens, or any interactive elements.

  • Transportation:

    Organize the transportation of display materials to and from the location. This may involve coordinating with external transportation companies.

  • Compliance with Regulations:

    Ensure that the display complies with local regulations, safety standards, and venue requirements. This can include weight restrictions, fire safety regulations, and accessibility standards.

  • Maintenance and Support:

    Provide ongoing maintenance for long-term displays and quick support for any issues that arise, such as restocking products or fixing display components.

  • Disassembly and Recycling:

    At the end of the display’s life, manage the disassembly and proper disposal or recycling of display materials.

Managing Modern Solutions

Optimized supply chain solutions aren’t “one size fits all,” and neither are our pricing models. Our team
finds the best approach for your project to maximize your resources, including cost.


Cost Per Unit Solutions

Project-Based Solutions

Outsourced Solutions

Display Builds

Superior Display Builds

Speed: We excel in rapid turnaround times. While others may take weeks or even months to complete a build, we can deliver high-quality displays in just a few days. Speed is our specialty, with 80% of our focus dedicated to ensuring swift delivery without compromising on quality.

Experience: With our team’s extensive knowledge and expertise, we make display builds happen seamlessly. Every day, all day, we’re immersed in this craft, ensuring that each project is executed flawlessly.

Space: Lack of space is a common challenge in display builds, but it’s not a problem for us. Our warehouse is equipped with ample space to handle any project, big or small, and we can efficiently assemble and ship displays to their intended destinations.


Custom Solutions

See how the Acción team creates individualized solutions for our clients across industries to optimize their unique demands.


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