Product Assembly and Packaging

Aug 30 2021

Product Assembly and Packaging

Product Assembly and Packaging meaning is the automated end-to-end process that uses staff and machinery to produce an item. The product moves through various stations along the line where some part of the production process occurs. If you would like to go into this industry and wondering how to start a product assembly service, there are plenty of resources available to guide you on the internet. According to, You will need to buy basic tools such as a cordless drill, hand tools, and a socket set, along with moving equipment like blankets, a dolly, and suitable. Which doesn't seem too exhaustive if you have the adequate funds for it and can be operated in the comfort of your home. Alternatively, you can search for product assembly services near me and use their services for your business or for first-hand observation of how to start a product assembly service.


Packaging is the discipline, expertise, and technology of securely wrapping a product for distribution, storage, sale, and use safely. When you offer this service to customers packaging supplies to customers, you will also need to provide a facility for designing, evaluating, and producing packages. When selecting Packing materials, you must take into consideration that they must be labeled correctly and have the ability to safely contain, protect and preserve the product during storage and transportation. Packaging is the first impression a customer will have of the product and have to cater for any precautions necessary.

Packing materials are not exclusive to production circles and can also be used when moving between homes. After the hassle of finding the correct sized boxes the other most common packing materials are, packing paper, styrofoam, packing foam, and the one no one can resist popping bubble cushioning or wrap.

Product assembler job description

According to, a product assembler job require individuals who pay close attention to detail and are meticulous at multi-tasking. They must be able to perform and complete tasks as they would be responsible for assembling various components of a product. So, you must be able to read and follow technical instructions, distinguish the quality of parts and materials used, and record parts and tools used in the assembling process.

In terms of education an Entry-level product assembler job usually only requires a high school diploma or GED. As you progress in your career you may need to obtain specific training and relevant experience and/or a technical school degree.

Depending on experience gained and training received a product assembler's salary can range between $25,297 to $43,142 per year.

Product assemblers usually work in shifts this of course is dependent on the company. As a product assembler, you would work mainly in factories, manufacturing, and production facilities. In recent years, however, there has been an increase in opportunities for product assembly jobs from home. This requires a great amount of discipline as companies and individuals would pay you to assemble products for them. If you are keen on going in this direction, you should up sign up on sites such as Amazon Home Services and list your services.

If you're looking for an assembly production job at a site or working from home, you need to be vigilant and avoid being scammed. Indeed is the ideal and legitimate platform solution for you. They have a wide selection of jobs you can apply for from vetter companies.

Furniture assembly service near me

When requiring assembly services, doing a simple google search of Furniture assembly service near me and your chosen search engine will pair you up with all the furniture assembly companies in your vicinity. Whether you are acquiring a serving or wishing to be a service provider it is important to know and understand the rates of assemblers in your area.

On Thumbtack, the process of finding a grill assembly service near me is made effortless. You put in a few details and they give you options of an assembler near you, with visible reviews from their former customers. You also have an option to join as a product assembler.

If you have just purchased a toy for yourself or a little one in your life, you don't have to go through the pain of figuring out complicated assembly instructions. You can visit Airtasker and receive an obligation-free quote from reviewed, rated & trusted toy assembly service near me in minutes.

If you have bought you IKEA product online and are struggling with deciphering the assemble instruction, they have made it easy for you. IKEA furniture assembly service near me on their website and find an assembler whichever item of furnisher you have purchased from them, i.e tv stand assembly service near me or desk assembly service near me.

If you are handy, you can assemble the products yourself, however, if you want the assistance of an individual with expertise in assembling, expect to pay $120 and $150 for their work.

Contract manufacturing

Contract manufacturing is a business model where a business hires the services of a contract manufacturer to produce components or products. The hiring firm utilizes the contract manufacturing company for manufacturing a greater portion or all the required parts of its product. For a reference of how the relationship would work, a great example of a contract manufacturing firm is Foxconn Technology group which is a reputable contract manufacturing company and they supply products to prominent companies like Microsoft, Amazon, and Apple.

The role of contract manufacturing is a mutually beneficial affiliation between two companies, one that needs a certain product manufactured and the other that can manufacture the product.

Design for manufacturing examples that work well are designs that are where parts are assembled in a straight down motion. This design uses gravity to its advantage to provide a positive location rather than a fixture. This forward-thinking method is a move to prepare the design for the inevitable progression from manual to robotic assembly.

There is a general design for assembly principles to be considered when you design for assembly.

  • Reduce the number of components. If possible look for ways to combine parts
  • Build-in fasteners.
  • Usage of the same parts and fasteners.
  • Think: modular
  • Safe and simple for assembly
  • Easy packaging

With fewer parts, it is simpler to assemble a product but also effective, which in return saves in time and costs. A notable design for assembly examples would be the Swatch watch, which was designed for fully automated assembly.

For a full list of manufacturing companies in Tennessee visit

Product assembly companies

Product assembly companies provide testing, inspection, packaging, and distribution when services when required. Contract assembly companies are organizations hired to handle all the manufacturing services. They oversee the end-to-end production process and build the product. It's imperative to be diligent when selecting the right contract assembly companies to take over your assembling.

Assembly business opportunities

There are plenty of Assembly business opportunities as it requires small startup capital. If you have the know-how and skill of planning and designing, it would be a profitable venture to go into. In the last year, e-commerce has grown significantly with consumers spent more than $861 billion with online retailers. This marks the highest annual e-commerce growth in the United States in at least 2 decades. That is a more than 16% growth from 2016 and creating solutions for the influx of online business is too great an opportunity to pass.

A Product assembly example includes the assembly of multifaceted products like vehicles or transportation equipment, household appliances, and electrical goods.

Product assembly technician has the responsibility of putting together and repairing products manually or operating an automated system. As a product technician, your role would be to manage the quality assurance of the entire assembly process in a team or with the assistance of machinery.

You can find more information about design for assembly examples pdf which explores a simplified approach to design for assembly.

The logistics industry has grown exponentially because of the rise in e-commerce and created a lot of job and business opportunities. The main goal of manufacturing any product is to attract buyers by creating a need and providing solutions. The assembly portion is what happens when all the parts come to the facility. You can ask to have your subscription boxes built in the facility. You send all the different parts from their various locations, and they come together at one facility. There is a rising demand for product assembly and packaging and should you go venture into the trade it is vital to put the wants and needs of the customer. By providing a clear efficient process you will be able to attract customers and encourage them to buy your product. The packaging of a product is a reflection of the product inside and the brand as a whole. When designing product packaging, the aesthetics need to echo the brand, and thus memorable, attention-grabbing product packaging is essential.

Going to any logistical career or business, you would need to have a knack for quantitative analysis, be particularly good at multi-tasking, and target driven. With extensive research, you would indeed be able to find the right fit for you.

Product Assembly and Packaging

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