E‑Commerce Fulfillment Center


After the launch of seasonal sales promotions, one customer of this e-commerce and multi-channel fulfillment solutions provider required periodic shifts to its fulfillment center needs—such as 80 staff members for a 10-day period. The business struggled to effectively oversee the training, productivity, and quality during these short-term bursts, while also managing its own core operation.


Acción Performance Group helped remove the costly burden on its leadership team by creating a managed workforce solution that produced more effective results during these staffing spikes. A few days prior to each sales campaign, Acción team leads worked directly with the business to gain clarity into the operational requirements. Then, within two days of each promotion launch, we trained, coached, and managed nearly 65 personnel to administer order fulfillment.


This staffing solution created a sustainable plan that could be quickly implemented as needed and also gave the company needed stability in reaching their standard daily demand.

Labor Gains

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