Kitting + Leadership Labor Solution — Global Food Products Group

The Challenge

  • A global food products group had a last-minute project
    that needed three shifts and only had 48 hours to
    execute. The company did not have the ability to onboard
    and manage a third shift.
  • New to Acción capabilities, this division had not worked
    with Acción before but had been referred from someone
    on his operations team at a different division.

The Solution: Acción 3rd Shift Managed Workforce

Acción was responsible for:


  • 1 Team Lead
  • 1 Dedicated Project Manager


  • Providing 24 Teammates
  • for approximately three weeks, beginning on
    Sunday, August 15 – This turnaround time was
    executed between 48 and 72 hours.
  • 3rd shift premium pay rate – We increased our pay from standard $15/hr to $19/hr to ensure fulfillment and increase retention.


  • Training teammates on job requirements
    and Good Manufacturing Practices
  • Coaching and counseling teammates
  • Managing retention and turnover
  • Tracking and processing payroll
  • No screens required (BG, DT, Everify)

The Results

  • Scope of Work: 24 packers to pick 32-ounce
    bottles off the line and place in box; place boxes
    on pallet and prep for shipment
  • Fill rate positively affected by pay rate:
  • Project Fill rate: 95.8% with Acción and paying
    Historical Fill rate: 75.8% without Acción and
    paying $15/hr
  • Turnover data:
    Project Turnover: 3.64%
    Average Industry Turnover: 57.3%

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