Leading Sanitation Supply Distributor

The Challenge

Company was experiencing issues producing at full capacity. Production lines were regularly suspended as workforce shifted between production and packaging lines, shifting from a strength in production efficiency to company’s vulnerability in packaging efficiency.

  • Unable to run machines and produce at full capacity due to packaging delays
  • Behind on production schedule
  • Forced to defer sales due to low capacity

The Solution

Acción Performance deployed a workforce team to package the product offline at Acción facility, so company could run production machines at full capacity. Acción leadership created a jig to maximize production efficiency for the wipes product in order to package together a three-pack bundle with a label to create one unit. This engineered solution for the client’s production line reduced errors and increased output.

  • The jig allowed better efficiency and better quality for team during work, maximizing output of final product.
  • Acción team took over three manufacturing lines, getting machines back to full capacity.
  • Sales no longer impeded

The Results

Packaging was not client’s niche, so with Acción Performance providing the service of packaging support and expertise offsite, the client team was freed to focus on core business: wipes and sanitation supply production. With the Acción Performance team and new process template, efficiency and capacity doubled.

  • 40% capacity to full capacity
  • Below 50% efficiency to full efficiency
  • Client greatly increased sales revenue because they were no longer backlogged by low production.

Services Provided

  • Kitting & Assembly
  • Shrink Wrap
  • Labeling & Stickering
  • Quality Inspection
  • Sortation
  • Returns