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Aug 01 2022

Kitting Center Assistance

Kitting is an essential part of any supply chain or ecommerce business. Our team specializes in optimizing the kitting experience for your team to in order to create opportunities for bottom-line impact. Click to talk to our team of kitting center experts today. 

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Kitting Center

It can be challenging to keep track of everything when you have sophisticated fulfilling operations like e-commerce, omnichannel, and retail fulfillment, in addition to additional warehousing services like product kitting, assembly, and light manufacturing.

Services like kitting, fulfillment, and assembly can be particularly beneficial if you are looking to optimize your warehousing and supply chain operations. This is especially true in fields where the volume of goods produced and the demand for them fluctuate over time.

Kitting involves assembling various products into a single kit that is then supplied to the customer. Businesses and logistics providers can expedite delivery, reduce shipping costs, and fill orders more quickly through kitting. Additionally, this improves package tracking and pleases customers.

Kitting warehouse is the actual process of locating numerous SKUs, combining them in a single box, and producing a new SKU for that item before it is dispatched from a warehouse. This implies that employees choose various things from a warehouse and move them to where they are assembled, boxed, and shipped. Read more about kitting below.

Kitting Services

Kitting is designed to satisfy the unique needs of your business for how products are delivered to clients. The kitting process is necessary when you need to assemble the components in your purchase in a specific way. A kitting service can be helpful if you run an online store that sells ready-to-assemble products, subscription boxes, combo packs, and other items. A crew fills the product with this service while you focus on different aspects of your business. Another choice is custom kits, which can be an excellent way to promote your company. For instance, you may send promotional packages to businesses with items with your brand on them to increase awareness of your services.

Inventory Management with Kitting

Kitting and assembly are components of an online fulfillment strategy. If you do it correctly, you may save time and money and expedite the delivery of goods to clients. It is customary to kit and assemble items in a warehouse or fulfillment center. However, some businesses have their manufacturer or supplier handle it to save time and money.

Create a work order on ShipBob's dashboard, then select inventory, followed by Work Orders, to send a kitting request. These kits are placed back where they were kept once they are prepared for shipping. Here are a few things to remember when using ShipBob:

  • You must sync and label your parts and finished kitted products as active in the Inventory section of your ShipBob dashboard before you can generate kitting request orders.
  • You must put up and prepare to use all of the requested items.
  • Zip-lock bags, clear plastic, and other supplies are not present. If you prefer your order to be packaged in bubble wrap, Geomi, or brown paper, do let ShipBob know.
  • You must specify to ShipBob the number of kits you need, the products they should include in each kit, and the quantity.

Kitting is more than just a method of interacting with clients and providing them with fantastic offers and distinctive experiences. An excellent way to market anything is also through it. Warehousing and fulfillment kits are clever solutions to make more products available. When you sell kits, you don't just sell things individually. You can give discounts, introduce devoted customers to new products, and engage in cross-selling by grouping related items into a kit or set.

You instantly grow your stock when you assemble components from your Inventory to create a kit without needing to develop new goods or pay for additional storage space. Kitting can also refer to giving clients more options for purchasing and lowering the expense of distribution by coming up with inventive and enjoyable ways to eliminate products that aren't selling well.

Amazon Prep Center

Many people would wish to sell on Amazon and do not know or do not have the time to package the inventory. The best way to circumvent this obstacle is using an Amazon prep center. Amazon prep center is a service that receives, inspects, prepares your inventory for Amazon, and ships it to Amazon.

An Amazon FBA prep service ensures that all the products are adequately packaged and prepared for fulfillment. If you are looking for the best FBA prep center in Florida, look no further than My FBA Prep. Some may ask, "how does My FBA Prep help me?" My FBA prep helps to reduce delays in the receiving time and protects your products in the Amazon fulfillment center, creating a better experience for you and your customers.

You can get the best FBA prep services near you, or you can use an online service. The best FBA service will give you multiple benefits, including;

  • It will provide you with time to take on other tasks
  • It will reduce the stress of inventory coming into your home or warehouse
  • Some prep centers are in states that exempt sales tax, potentially saving on sales tax
  • You have more freedom
  • It reduces your turnaround around time as you have help with the inventory
  • Some prep centers are closer to FBA warehouses than you are, which will save your inbound shipping fees.
  • You do not have to stock shipping supplies when using an Amazon FBA prep center.

You might be wondering how to start an Amazon prep center. When starting an Amazon prep center, you first need a good location with a big warehouse to store the inventory and working space to do the packaging. You will also need the necessary business licenses according to your state.

Ensure you have the right systems in place to help you give the best services to your customers, as people will be looking for quality. It will also help to have the prep center in a state that exempts sales tax as more people will favor them.

Amazon prep fees vary depending on your product type and are charged per unit. However, the prices are quite friendly. The Amazon FBA prep service fees range from $0.70 to $2.55 per unit, and you can choose whether the packages will be labeled or not. Here is a screenshot showing the FBA prep service fees., you can also see the table here.

Alternatively, you can use third-party prep centers all over the country. If you are in California, there are many California prep centers to choose from. Some of them include 3PL Guys, and A Storage Hub, among others. It is imperative to do your research before you choose the best California prep center.

If you are in Oregon, there are several Oregon prep centers that you can use. Some Oregon prep centers are FBA prep Now and MKZ services, among others. You can get a complete list of the Amazon FBA prep centers to choose from here. One of the main advantages of using Oregon prep centers is the sales tax exemption.

Kitting Process Flow Chart

Tips to Improve Your Flow Diagram for the Kitting Process

  • Recognize the significance of condition-based monitoring for equipment reliability in general. Without question, avoiding issues is always the best course of action. You should apply preventative and predictive maintenance techniques to maintain the same production level.
  • Find out what regular maintenance is required and how critical it is to complete it first. You need to have clear criteria for what constitutes an emergency and what can be planned and scheduled.
  • There must be clear channels for communication between the maintenance planner and the storeroom kit coordinator when the maintenance planner requests that the storeroom put together a kit. The fact is that the planner and the storage must regularly communicate with one another. After all, this is the only way to be constantly aware of your kits' status. You might also establish a key performance indicator for the age of the kits to ensure that kits that are ready to schedule are not overlooked.
  • Canceled kits should be uncommon, not commonplace. The procedure must be viewed as failing each time a kit is canceled. The person in charge must conduct a critical evaluation when work orders are approved to determine whether the work is necessary or if it can wait until a plant shutdown or other scheduled equipment downtime. As you know, canceling routine maintenance kits results in less work for storeroom staff and maintenance planners and predicts future equipment failure.

Here is a screenshot of kitting process flow chart that you can follow. You can find the flowchart here.

Kitting and Assembly

Most 3PL (third-party logistics) providers provide kitting and assembly as a fulfillment. The service entails assembling various product components into a single package, or "kit." After that, the factory where the kit will be assembled receives it. Because it requires a great deal of expertise and understanding to obtain an order, choose items from Inventory, and put together a kit flawlessly, 3PL businesses provide this service.

What is Kitting in a Warehouse?

For online shops, warehouse kitting is a crucial way of fulfillment that simplifies things. Direct-to-consumer (DTC) and online businesses employ a third-party logistics (3PL) partner to make these kits so they don't waste their valuable time manufacturing them. Online businesses have the opportunity to use kitting and assembly services to combine premium products, personalized packaging, and other distinctive touches to create a memorable consumer experience that makes shopping online seem just as nice as shopping in a lovely store.

Kitting Inventory

Kitting helps manufacturers maximize space, move goods, and increase cash flow. These elements boost business productivity. This improves the company model's logistics. The software helps manage kit logistics by keeping track of set goods. The software can manage stock, batching, tracking, and purchase orders for any size organization.

Once a customer order is placed into the computer system, the completed parts are sent to the central warehouse. Kitting makes subscription boxes and special offers easier to organize if you sell directly to customers. Space-saving elements can be stored in a warehouse and picked up as needed. If your small business sells beauty products to women, adding two or three lower-value items to a popular order can increase the package price.

The business sells more products, and the customer gets a better value. Kits allow customers more color, size, and quantity options based on the products offered. A retailer can develop a kitting website to cross-sell other products or offer discounts and freebies.