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May 10 2021

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Outsourced Kitting

This comprehensive article will describe what the term outsourced kitting means and how it can be used by merchandisers of any industry niche. After a thorough definition, this piece will segue into what Tagg Logistics is and how it fits into this discussion. The remainder of this article will focus on the different services offered by Tagg Logistics and how it uses outsourced kitting.

Kitting is the process by which related groups of two or more items are combined to comprise one single package. This combination is then given a new SKU and is subsequently prepared for shipping to a customer. In most cases, this process is done prior to the customer's order being received by the merchant at their fulfillment station. Then all parts of the order are assembled and packaged together. Ideally, they should reach their destination, the customer's address, at the same time. Another name for this useful process is product bundling.

The term outsourced kitting means that the original merchant from which the order was placed farms out the kitting process, as well as any necessary assembly, to another company. That company is charged with the task of performing any assembly and the kitting of the customer's order. When this process is finished, the order is shipped to the customer.

One example that you may already be familiar with is subscription boxes. These are often made available to customers of beauty, jewelry, or fashion companies; however, other merchants are beginning to appreciate the value of outsourced kitting of their products through subscription boxes as well. These subscription boxes are extremely popular amongst consumers.

Another example that consumers have seen, even if they do not know the name of the process, is with grocery items. When you purchase a bundle of six different flavors of a drink in one package, it is called a rainbow pack. Rainbow packs are a form of outsourced kitting.

Customization for specific retail merchants. Also known as "late-stage customization," this is when the manufacturing company of particular items elects to combine items together with a certain retailer in mind. Customers would only find this special combination of the items at this one retailer. This is a form of outsourced kitting.

Last but definitely not least is when a merchant elects to bestow a gift on a customer who makes an upscale purchase. What do we mean by this? Let's say you are buying an expensive bottle of perfume. The merchant may offer a gift to you along with this purchase. This is also a form of outsourced kitting. We think you get the idea now.

Tagg Logistics

Just exactly what is Tagg Logistics? As we attempted to get across, kitting is part of the term. The entire term we are talking about is "outsourced kitting," when a business is given the job of performing the kitting for another business. This is where Tagg Logistics comes in. They are the chosen business to fulfill all the kitting operations of some mighty big names in the retail market.

Amongst their illustrious clients are retail icons Amazon and several subscription box-oriented clients. The job they do is so flawless, most customers do not know there is a third party involved with fulfilling their Amazon order. That is due to the expertise of the Tagg Logistics team of associates. This ought to be what you have in mind when determining who should carry out your outsourced kitting operations.

Comprised of several huge facilities including Tagg Logistics PA, Tagg Logistics Reno NV, and Tagg Logistics Saint Louis MO, it is fair to say this company is the driving force of Amazon and other clients. They have all the tools and the manpower anybody would want from one single 3PL fulfillment partner.

This mega-superstar of the retail world knows how to differentiate between outsourced kitting operations for a grocery store chain and that of a subscription box client. Why is this important? Although they both fall under the common moniker of outsourced kitting, they require two separate methods of operation of fulfillment.

The same statement is true of each of the industry niches that Tagg Logistics services. Each niche has its own set of requirements and the job at hand must be tailored to that niche. Tagg Logistics does this to perfection. Therefore, they are highly sought after by those merchants who want an outsourced kitting operation to assist with this process.

As for the origins of this company, Tagg Logistics headquarters is in Hazelwood, MO which is close to Saint Louis. The company's brainpower and all its operations stem from this facility. It is here the other Tagg Logistics centers look to for guidance and procedural instructions. Tagg Logistics' Saint Louis, MO is responsible for the direct supervision of all its facilities and their respective operations.

As far as taking care of its clients, Tagg Logistics realizes that not only is each industry unique, but so is each client within that industry. That means no two clients are going to require the same services. When you are a client of Tagg Logistics you are guaranteed to receive specialized outsourced kitting services tailored just for you. They are also prepared to expand upon those services as your business grows. Tagg Logistics will make the necessary adjustments to your services. This is the kind of promise you will receive from them.

In the first place, why do you even need kitting? The most obvious reason is that it will boost sales. When customers buy an item in bulk that was kitted just for your outlet, that boosts your sales. When a company offers the customer a gift for buying a higher-ticket item, that increases sales. You get it now!

Reasons that are not so obvious when you outsource the kitting include the reduction of your distribution and packaging costs. You are also spared the shipping costs on several different levels. Another purpose is that it saves the parent company, for example, Amazon, a lot of time and earned wages of company associates. All this can be achieved by hiring an outsourced kitting firm like Tagg Logistics.

Did you know that outsourced kitting with Tagg Logistics can boost the sales of your business? Exactly how? By allowing you to have frequent flash sales. Hire Tagg Logistics to put bundles of normally slow-moving items together and feature them in your frequent flash sales. You will be amazed at how these items will now seem valuable to your customers.

Is your online beauty business starting to sputter? Begin to offer customers subscription boxes where several items comprise one box of products. This is something else Tagg Logistics can help with. Customers will love it so much that you can make it a regular feature of your online store. This is part of the value of outsourced kitting in a nutshell.

Tagg Logistics Jobs

Now that you have an idea of how important outsourced kitting is, how would you like to be part of this exciting and most-valued industry? Announcing the acceptance of applications as we speak for Tagg Logistics jobs. Yes, you read that correctly. The various Tagg Logistics' jobs teams are hiring at all facilities. No special skills are needed. If you are a hard worker and want to simply do your job and receive a steady paycheck, this is the company you ought to apply with.

Do you aspire to move up through the company ranks? You can do that by investing your time and efforts in a Tagg Logistics career. They take care of their associates. If you prove to them you are dependable and an outstanding worker, they will reward you. This industry of outsourced kitting is not likely to disappear anytime soon, nor is Tagg Logistics. If you genuinely earn your regular paychecks, you are virtually guaranteed to have an employer for many years to come.

You do not necessarily have to take our word for it that this company is a great place to work. Do an Internet search for Tagg Logistics reviews and see testimonials from all the happy employees? Tagg Logistics is extremely proud of its legions of excellent team members throughout the United States. Some did not realize they were making a career out of Tagg Logistics. While they were working, they found a personal aptitude for the job as well as an affection for the company. These individuals worked hard and are now part of the backbone of the outsourced kitting world of Tagg Logistics. Why not give yourself the same chance at success? Apply today!

If you would like to view more information on outsourced kitting and/or its incredible catalyst, Tagg Logistics, you can do so by going to their website. You can also perform an Internet search on this topic or any of its related subtopics. There is so much valuable information available on the Internet. If you would like to be part of the incredible teams that make up the outsourced kitting industry, it is also possible to apply for a job right on the website. Don't wait any longer to seize upon your opportunity at greatness. Check out Tagg Logistics jobs today!