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We help businesses remain agile in today’s evolving supply chain.

By replacing traditional staffing models with advanced labor solutions that productively execute daily operational tasks with precision, we liberate business leaders to focus their time, energy, and resources on their core business. 

Our customizable models

Solutions That Work

Cost Per Unit (CPU) Solutions

We offer fixed-priced solutions, charging a piece rate for units completed.

  • Predictable Labor Costs
  • Pay for Productivity
  • Accountable Teamwork
Project-Based Solutions

With extensive experience serving the unique challenges and peak seasons in third-party logistics, consumer goods, and printing, we provide project-based solutions available on an hourly or cost-per-unit basis.

  • Variable Project Sizes and Timeframes
  • Specialized Talent
  • Responsive Staffing
  • Fixed Cost Per Unit
  • On- and Off-Site Capabilities
Outsourced Solutions

We also offer a 80,000 square foot warehouse, providing flexible, turn-key solutions for concurrent projects of all sizes, including kitting and assembly, shrink wrapping, display build, refurbishing, repacking and reworking, and quality inspection. Our flexible production facility allows us to accommodate the needs of our partners. 

  • 24/7 Availability
  • 10 Loading Docks, 2 Loading Ramp
  • Secured and Insured
  • 3 Shrink-wrap machines with heat tunnels and compressed air loops

Our Services

Your Success at Work

Kitting & Assembly
Shrink Wrap
Labeling & Stickering
Quality Inspection
Repack and Rework
Display Build
  • Kitting & Assembly
  • Shrink Wrap
  • Labeling & Stickering
  • Quality Inspection
  • Sortation
  • Repack and Rework
  • Display Build
  • Returns
  • Refurbishing
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Duke Cannon Supply Co.
Harper + Ari

Alternative Solutions

A Model of Shared Success

For projects with unique labor needs, we also combine our fixed-priced, earned-hour, project-based and off-site offerings into custom labor solutions. 

To help us both achieve our desired results, we implement lean concept workforce solutions that eliminate waste and bridge the gap between full-time employees and temporary staff members — all while constantly striving to improve your business processes.

Focused Resources

We activate floor-level supervision to drive our shared performance-level requirements, and fully train our staff to help reduce the learning curve. We also save your managers time and energy by integrating” operations managers within our labor solutions — serving as an extension of your team.

Improved Productivity

By linking effort and performance to pay, we see significant improvement in both the quality and productivity of our workforce — greatly impacting your output and delivery metrics.

Reduced Labor

With decreased headcounts, diminished overtime hours and advanced approaches to work, we give our clients a significant competitive advantage by reducing labor costs by 10 – 15 percent.

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